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“Game of Thrones”: schedule of recordings indicates debut only in 2019

game thrones
game thrones

The seventh season of “Game of Thrones” ended in August and the question remained: does the eighth season debut in 2018 or will it be until 2019?

Liam Cunningham, Ser Davos, spoke to TV Guide a bit about the timing of the recordings of the six final episodes and it looks like we will not be able to watch them until two years from now. It’s because according to him, filming begins now in October (still this week, inclusive!) And will end in the summer of the northern hemisphere, that is, sometime between June and September.

“The episodes will definitely be bigger, and from what I’ve heard, longer. We’ll record until summer. When you stop to think, until last season we had six months to film ten episodes. Now we’re doing six episodes in much more than that. Obviously, this represents longer chapters. ”

The production officially begins today, with the script reading the first three episodes. On Monday the cast will read the other three and spend the rest of the week rehearsing to start filming next week (via BuzzFeed).

According to Mashable, the seventh season ended being recorded in February this year and debuted in July. Since the episodes will now be longer, even though they are few, post-production should take longer, especially since the special effects are likely to be more complex, as the great war against white hikers is coming.

So, the likelihood of “Game of Thrones” only coming back in 2019 is quite large.

What do you think?

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