Game of Thrones: Learn how to see the last season legally and safely

If you do not want to miss the last season of Game of Thrones , you know how and where to see the series created by George RR Martin a few days of its premiere on HBO .

3 game of thrones finale
3 game of thrones finale

Just one week into the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, known as ‘Game of Thrones’ in Latin America and Spain, he knows how to watch LIVE the series written by George RR Martin and produced by HBO.

When will Season 8 of Game of Thrones be released?
The eighth season of Game of Thrones hits the screens of HBO this April 14, 2019. The last trailer of the eighth season shows us the great war that looms between the living, and the white walkers in Winter fell.

Where to watch Game Of Thrones?
In Latin America, the eighth season of Game of Thrones can be seen by the HBO GO application, a service that can be acquired independently from the traditional channel service.

HBO currently offers a free one-month trial version for new users, but after that period you must pay a subscription of 31.90 soles a month for the service.

But if you do not have a subscription on HBO, here we detail how and where to watch Game of Thrones online LIVE and legally and securely.

To watch the Game of Thrones online you can use HBO Now, which provides quick access to all available HBO content, but without the need to subscribe to the channel.

‘Hulu’ is another streaming service where you can watch dozens of TV shows on a multitude of channels, including HBO. Here you will see Game of Thrones.

The giant of purchases Amazon also has a streaming service called ‘Amazon Video.’ Prime members can access this service and subscribe to premium channels, such as HBO, through Amazon.

A subscription to this service will cost you $ 15 per month in addition to your Amazon Prime membership, which costs $ 13 per month.

Schedules to see Game of Thrones in the world
United States : 9:00 pm (east time)

Mexico: 8:00 pm

Panama: 8:00 pm

Ecuador: 8:00 pm

Colombia: 8:00 pm

Peru: 8:00 pm

Venezuela: 9:00 pm

Chile: 10:00 pm

Argentina: 10:00 pm

Bolivia: 9:00 pm

Uruguay: 10:00 pm

Paraguay: 10:00 pm

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