‘Game of Thrones’: Impressive scene would confirm the vision of Daenerys in the 8th season

Game Of Thrones Impressive Scene Would Confirm The Vision Of Daenerys In The 8Th Season

As the months go by, the wait to see ‘Game of Thrones’ on the screen diminishes, but, even with HBO’s efforts to avoid filtration, it seems that they are unavoidable.

On this occasion, the gratitude is to a Twitter user and the key moment of a scene that is being shot and which, apparently, is blunt the eighth and final season of ‘Game of Thrones’.


What awaits us of ‘Game of Thrones’ in this last season is something unpredictable, because with all the changes that occurred in the seventh season, one is no longer sure what could happen.

However, the publication of the Twitter user, would show us that one of the emblematic places of the series would be completely destroyed. Yes, we are talking about King’s Landing.


In the publication, you can see instants of the shooting location where smoke and a lot of fire came out. It is true, that this fact does not ensure that it could be King’s Landing, but the truth is it could be very likely due to a scene from the second season that you can not forget.

And, although it is known that they have been recording more than 10 days in the Titanic studios, the probability increases due to the amount of extras that total more than 600 and are of different origins.

On the other hand, the scene of the second season that we mentioned is the vision Daenerys had when she entered the House of the Eternals in search of her babies and dragons.

During the trip, she has this vision in which she talks to Khal Drogo and meets their baby who never came to be born. Also, visit the Great Hall, but far from what we know at the time that Joffrey and Robert Baratheon sat on the Iron Throne, now looks in very bad condition.

Ash falling from the sky, the whole place destroyed, is what the dragons of Daenerys seem to leave, even though at some point our beloved Tyrion has asked him to conquer Westeros diplomatically.

Will she be willing to sacrifice all these people for coming to power? It seems that it is, and he will not mind burning anyone who gets in his way.


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