17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

When people think about what life could be like for celebrities and celebrities, most associate it with glamor, big parties, succulent banquets, bulky bank accounts, world walks and many other frivolities. While it is true that all that exists, to achieve it they have had to climb a fairly high mountain, whose path may have been marked by innumerable sacrifices. Thus, it is the actors, who have the greatest burden because each character they perform is unique and requires great commitment and dedication.

In this sense, one of the strongest demands that a cinematographic role can have is the transformation of the body image. To be able to achieve this, many have to eat an exaggerated number of times a day or, on the contrary, have a fairly restrictive diet; spend days, hours, minutes and seconds in the gym, even the most daring have agreed to undergo surgeries that help them look as good as they require.

That is why here at we have made this count, so you can see the most incredible transformations that the guys on the big screen have had to suffer to have a perfect body, being the best they did!

1. Zac Efron

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
Photo Credit © Zac Efron went from “I’ll have her home by 8!” to “Even your wife calls me daddy” from Instagram tagged as Meme

Zac Efron has come very far after being just a skinny teenager. His impressive transformation reached the highest level after having been chosen as a lifeguard of the film “Baywatch”. To obtain a beach worthy physique, he reduced his body fat to an extremely low level and trained with his friend on the Dwayne Johnson screen before filming.

2. Chris Pratt

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
Photo Credits ©: Pinterest Chris Pratt Weight Loss Before And After

Pratt replaced his beer belly with a six-pack of sit-ups after getting rid of 60 pounds in a 6-month period. The actor needed some tweaks for his roles in the sequels to the box office hits “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World”, which will probably make him continue with his new appearance for years to come.
Chris Pratt

3. Paul Rudd

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
Photo Credits ©: Rama’s Screen Paul Rudd in This Is 40 and Paul Rudd in Ant-Man

Action films expect nothing less from their stars: they are in very good shape throughout the filming process. To have a better performance in the movie “Ant-Man”, Paul Rudd needed to build an athletic and fit body, eliminating anything nice from his diet and concentrating on doing intense exercises every day for a year. Interpreting a hero has its sacrifices, after all.

4. Mark Wahlberg

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

He had 2 months to prepare for his role in the movie “Pain & Gain” as a bodybuilder. For that reason, Wahlberg was quite busy trying to reach the size of his co-star Dwayne Johnson. He gained about 40 pounds, eating up to 10 times a day. Although he has relaxed a bit, the hard effort he made to increase his muscle mass is still visible every time he appears on the screen.

5. Chris Evans

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

After having played a superhero before, Chris Evans was not so bad. But when he was accepted for the iconic role of Captain America, he had to take everything to the next level. The actor juggled food and training every time he had a rest on the shoot to grow his muscles a little more.

6. Ryan Reynolds

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

Get up early at 4 in the morning, have an intense training session in the gym and, apart from that, comply with a very unappetizing diet. This was the routine that Reynolds had to follow every day to get the proper appearance of a superhero before putting on his “Deadpool” costume.

7. Kevin Hart

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
Photo Credits © : Men’s Health kevin hart six pack

On his way to becoming a comedian to a superstar, Kevin Hart’s muscles grew along with his fame, that’s why he began to train hard. His improved physical condition took him to the point where he was able to run marathons. His determination has not only been beneficial for his health in general, but probably you will see him dabbling in the performance soon.
Kevin Hart

8. Jake Gyllenhaal

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
©PK Baseline Southpaw workout


For his role as boxing champion in “Southpaw”, Gyllenhaal simply had to have an extreme physique. Apparently, the actor was so committed to improving the shape of his body, that he extended his original training routine from 3 to 6 hours a day, which probably justifies why their last love relationship ended shortly.

9. Hugh Jackman

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

Responsible for bringing the character of Wolverine to life, Hugh Jackman maintained a very strict diet while preparing for movies, which demanded an incredibly high calorie intake and absolute elimination of alcohol and all kinds of sugar. The star even had to dehydrate for a day every time he made a scene without a shirt to be as low as possible on the set.

10. Bradley Cooper

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
© Bradley Cooper’s body measurements

He got in shape, accumulating muscle and losing fat. Why did he do it? For his role as Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck in The A-Team. Cooper eliminated all the sugar, salt and flour and eliminated the sandwiches. His diet allowed him to sculpt a firm middle section and remove belly fat. His training: He spent two hours a day in the gym with a personal trainer, doing a lot of strength and basic training.


11. Nick Jonas

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
© Gain Quick: Gain & Build Muscle with Expert Knowledge Nick Jonas Before and After photo NickJonas_zpsc1c5173b.jpg

Nick Jonas went through an important transformation in his body after dissolving the Jonas Brothers music group. Starting with an image in the style of a youth band, Jonas became an artist with a defined musculature, but not exaggerated.

12. Joe Manganiello

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

Manganiello was totally defined, first he had to gain weight and then make a fat loss diet. When he assumed the role of Alcide, the werewolf of True Blood, he really began to exercise seriously, and the results speak for themselves. He severely restrained his caloric intake, eating oats, chicken, green beans, almonds, bar protein, apples and fish.

13. Adrien Brody

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

He lost weight in six weeks before filming The Pianist in 2002, told him to “lose as much weight as possible.” All the sacrifice paid off when he became the youngest actor to win an Oscar for best actor for his role. Eight years later, he did the opposite, when he gained all the weight he could, but in muscle to act against Royce in Predators. Brody did not take his role of action with less seriousness: he eliminated all alcohol and sugar. His training session to grow up and look like a mercenary in this alien action movie, Brody says he started lifting weights to define his musculature


14. Gerard Butler

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

He worked intensively for four months, to achieve a body in the form of a warrior, completely transforming his body and mind. So he played King Leonidas in 300. Butler watched what he ate, making sure to do it every two hours. His spartan training of 300 consisted of 25 repetitions of jumps, 50 weightlifting of 135 pounds, 50 push-ups, 50 jumps on a box of 50 cm, 50 turns of giant tires, 50 dumbbells at the rate of a single arm with weights 36-pound Russian and 25 additional weights (no rest in between).
Gerard Butler

15. Steve Harvey

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

With his practice partner Lee Haney, Harvey began the 50th campaign, which encourages men of 40 years or more to tone up, lose weight, eat well and stop whining, because they are too old to get in shape. He says that his motivation came from his 50th birthday, after his son called him “old”, apart from having tired of looking at himself in that way. Harvey was always active, moving from the runner to muscle stimulation with weightlifting, including military dumbbells and lateral, frontal and pull-downs lifting combos.
Steve Harvey

16. Christian Bale

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation
Superhero Jacked Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.09.24 PM

Bale went down from 81 to about 54 kilograms for El Maquinista. Then he went back up to 99 kilograms to play Batman in The Dark Knight. To lose weight, Bale went into starvation mode, eating a can of tuna and an apple. Then, Bale had to start up his metabolism, which had been destroyed after almost dying of hunger, thanks to an intense weight training, resistance routines and plyometric circuits, as well as martial arts and many squats and push-ups.
Christian bale


17. Chris Hemsworth

17 Hollywood Actors Body Transformation

Hemsworth achieved 10 kilograms in muscle by eating constantly, for his starring role in the blockbuster Thor. Hemsworth opted for protein-rich foods, but also consumed unprocessed carbohydrates, such as fruits, to help rebuild his muscles. Before Thor, he practiced sports such as surfing, boxing and rugby that kept him in shape, but for the film he began to take seriously the progressive lifting of weights and repetitions when exercising.

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