‘Game of Thrones’: 10 facts and curiosities about El Muro and surroundings

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow

Among the Seven Kingdoms, the Wall is located to the North, that great wall of ice that serves as defense against any external attack.

The eighth season is approaching, so it’s time to know all the details that the Wall hides. Let’s see these 10 curiosities.

Width and height

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Its width is 300 miles and the height is 700 feet.

Lord Commander

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Jon Snow is the Lord Commander No. 998.

Can the Wall be scaled?

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Okay, Jon did it, but specialists in the subject indicate that it would be impossible to be all ice and also, it is steep.

How many take care of the Wall?

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Although the Wall is very large, it is only protected by Castle Black, The Shadow Tower and Eastwatch by the Sea castles.

But are they the only castles?

There are 19 more castles, but all are abandoned.

Who built the Wall?

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It is presumed that the person in charge of the construction of the Wall is Brandon Stark, whom we could see in the prequel that HBO has been preparing.

Castle Black, has it always been the headquarters of the Wall?

No, the main place in El Muro before Castle Black has been The Night Fort.

How does El Muro defend?

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It defends itself from above by throwing a large amount of ice on its opponents.


Who is The Wall?

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At first, it was made up of people who earned respect among the inhabitants of Westeros, but later it became an alternative prison class for criminals.


What inspired the creation of the Wall?

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It is inspired by Hadrian’s Wall or The Roman Wall of the United Kingdom.

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