Francia James surprises her followers on Instagram with her tight black swimsuit

image 1 112
image 1 112

A few days ago, Francia James managed to capture the attention of all her followers on , after she published 3 sensational snapshots in a bathing suit.

In the first image, the model is sitting, while wearing her small and tight black swimsuit, perfectly highlighting her great charms.
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For the second photograph, the Colombian woman changes her perspective, so now we can see how the fiery outfit looks in the back, making us witnesses of her spectacular rear.

Finally, France appears in profile, while staring at the camera, letting us appreciate her beautiful legs, making clear the impressive physique she possesses.

The influencer decided to accompany her post with a description in which we can read ” Thoughts about this black wig or did you like it brunette?”, To which her fans have not hesitated to respond.

So far the publication of James already has more than 150 thousand likes, in addition to exceeding 3,000 comments, where her followers have sent her all their love.



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