Belinda fulfils a fan’s wish during a performance in Tampico


The interpreter of “Sápito,” “Sácame a bailar,” “Bella treason,” and other songs vibrated last Saturday night during an event in Tampico where Belinda fulfilled a fan’s wish.

Fans of the pop singer attended one of her performances at the Tampico Fair, where they were once again astounded by the noble gesture of the interpreter of “Bella treachery” on stage.


Belinda Llenó El Teatro Del Pueblo En Concierto En Feria De Tampico - Grupo  Milenio


After making her debut at the age of 10 in shows such as ” Accomplices to the Rescue “, among others, the famous woman with more than 22 years of experience began winning over children, in addition to her excursion into singing since she was barely a teenager.

In the midst of her most recent performances, the interpreter of ” Light without gravity ” demonstrates that the children’s audience remains one of her biggest fans, and it was a little girl who met Belinda, who did not hesitate to ask her admirer to accompany her to the stage where the minor interpreted an excerpt of the song, “Love at First Sight” at the microphone.


Belinda: &Quot;Por Si Ocupas&Quot;, Nacional Monte De Piedad Lanza Mensaje A La  Cantante - El Sol De Tampico | Noticias Locales, Policiacas, Sobre México,  Tamaulipas Y El Mundo


The minor arrived in town with her family and held up a cardboard expressing her wish to be near to the “composer” and “businesswoman,” who did not hesitate to take Nubia up on stage and give her a hug and a kiss.

The little girl has visual impairment and is a member of the “Corazones Siempre Unidos” organisation, which helps children with various illnesses.


Belinda Cumplió Los Deseos De Sus Fans En El Concierto De Las Fiestas De  Octubre Y Qué Envidia


The small girl and her family had the full backing of the association, which also devised a strategy for the girl to get Belinda Peregrn Schüll to spot her among the people, so she would have arrived early to be positioned in a strategic position with a banner in her hands, which worked in the end.

“Thank you very much for being here, thank you for staying, thank you for trusting, your dream came true, and now you are going to go with your mum, who is going to give you a little hand, and we are going to get her a cake from the fence,” said the 33-year-old interpreter, who discovered that her admirer had not eaten because she was waiting to meet her.

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