Find out why Vica Andrade removes the implants for her own health!

Vica Andrade
Vica Andrade

Vica Andrade, the 50-year-old wife of producer Memo Del Bosque, threw up fears when she seemed hospitalized, and it’s all because her implants will be removed.

You may recall Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo’s program “La Escuelita VIP,” in which one of the Costa Ricans who triumphed in Mexico, Vica Andrade, featured, being one of the broadcast’s most visually appealing characters, but today, the actress You are going to have your implants removed.

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Vica Andrade’s name has recently become embroiled in a slew of scandal, after her husband, television producer Memo Del Bosque, tweeted photos of the actress in a hospital bed, setting off fears among his followers.


“Life is full to make decisions, you Vica, today you have made a very important one. Cheer up warrior, here we are still together after many battles. Love can with everything, I love you,” wrote the producer.”


In his images, the well-known producer sent a touching note to his life partner, Vica Andrade. Memo Del Bosque expressed his total support for his wife, stating that she admires the fact that she is a woman who takes her own decisions, even if it means removing her implants.

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Given the uproar and worry produced by Vica Andrade’s images, the famous Costa Rican broke the quiet, declaring the medical position she is in and for which she is hospitalized.


“After many doctors and treatment with no results, I decided to have an explant to help my body recover, since I had more than half of the diseases caused by breast implants,” she explained.”


This is how Vica Andrade, 50, announced publicly that she would remove her breast implants for health reasons, as other celebrities have done, and thanked her husband for being by her side.


“I love you Vica, strength and light is everything you always are”, commented Natalia Téllez, Odalys Ramírez, on the other hand, commented, “that everything goes well”, Maribel Guardia also told her, “my precious friend, God gives me bless”.


The reactions came quickly, and several remarks from Vica stand out, including one from Aracely Arámbula, who wrote to him, “I wish you and my lovely Vica the best of health. Always my love and hugs, sweet Memo.”


“I love you my love, now you support me… only one can be defeated, but two can resist, thank you for resisting with me on this path, holding hands with God we are more than winners bb!!!!! ! Thank you all for your messages and blessings, thank you for your prayers, friends, family, we love you!!!!! I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me and nothing is impossible for God !!!!”, she wrote, the actress.”


Remember that the pair has been through difficult times due to the producer’s cancer, which required him to receive a bone marrow transplant in 2020, and now with Vica Andrade’s position, but their love appears to be stronger than any obstacle.

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