Farewell, Prince Charles, and hello to Camilla Parker and her lovely man

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

Prince Charles‘ wife has sparked considerable envy by displaying the attractive man who will be her constant companion, yet he is not Prince Charles.

After a photograph of the handsome man who will be Camilla Parker’s constant partner, like Prince Charles and some other members of the British royal family, circulated, a major scandal and a tremendous stir erupted around British monarchy.


Camilla WILL be called Queen once King Charles III ascends to the throne  after getting Her Majesty's blessing | The Scottish Sun


The former “Duchess of Cornwall” has personally picked Ollie Plunkett, who will now be in charge of administering the queen consort’s personal affairs, as well as escorting her and protecting her.

One of the first formal appearances of the “squire” of the “wife of Prince Charles” would be at Kate Middleton’s Christmas carol concert last December, which also featured Major Johnny (actual name Jonathan Thompson), King Carlos III’s bodyguard.


King Charles made brave remarks after he and Camilla pelted by eggs, lip  reader says - Daily Star


The 75-year-old “queen consort’s” youthful and gorgeous collaborator is an officer of the British army’s infantry unit named “The Rifles,” of which the queen is a colonel-in-chief; other features of his life imply that he hails from an important Irish family.

He is also related to the ninth Lord Plunkett and attended Sandhurst, the military institution where Princes Harry and William graduated. Plunkett is unmarried, which has increased his popularity and number of fans, in addition to the charitable work he has done in support of soldiers and their families.

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