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Even though Kim Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja were on the verge of victory in ‘As Se Baila,’ they ultimately broke down and wept.

Kim Loaiza and JD Pantoja.
Kim Loaiza and JD Pantoja.

As Se Baila’s Kim Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja come through for each other, but they wind up crying in the process…. Yes, despite the fact that Laura Flores and Gabriel Porras were chosen by the general people, both felt bad about leaving them out of the tournament.

On top of that, they verified it to us when we spoke to them after they appeared on the show and learnt the results of the public vote as well.

While still in shock at being selected by David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen for the upcoming challenge, Kim and JD admit with humility that, despite their fans’ undying love for them, they had no idea this would happen.

Kim Loaiza And Jd Pantoja Say Goodbye To Laura Flores And Gabriel Porras | Geekybar


Although JD did not post it on social media seeking for votes, she says, “the support of the public surprised us once again.”

It’s because they promised last week that they wouldn’t do anything to solicit votes, so they just let people vote for whichever couple they wanted.

Some of us contemplated staying, thinking that it would be fun to have a home away from home. In reality, our audience constantly shocks us, #teamjukilop is strong, and everyone who says nay has an issue with me. Kim and JD both stated the same thing.

With no fight to stay and spontaneous tears, because their teammates were leaving, we asked if they thought they deserved to stay on the Telemundo reality show every Sunday: “Everyone does it very well, including Laura and Gabriel, and neither of the two couples deserves it as such, the public is the one who decides… ”

Being saved is wonderful, but being nominated and unsure of your fate for a week may be stressful. What occurred to this Mexican couple was the following:

One day you can be ‘The Golden Couple.’ The next day you can be nominated.” “We realized that you can be in any situation.”

The duo has about 70 million combined Instagram followers, and Telemundo hired them for the reality program precisely because of this. Like Laura Flores and Gabriel Porras, it’s evident that they’ll never be victors.

The entire interview with Kim and JD may be seen here.



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