Eiza González’s ability in the kitchen and with eggs astounds

Eiza Gonzalezz
Eiza Gonzalezz

Eiza González lets herself be seen in ways she hasn’t previously and surprises by displaying her culinary side, providing amazing surprise in the kitchen, and her ability to control eggs.

It’s always entertaining to witness celebrities in roles other than the spotlight, such as watching them attempt to do things we never thought possible. Such is the case of successful Mexican Eiza González, who exhibited her culinary skills.

Eiza Gonzalez

Although the Hollywood celebrity frequently only publishes things about his work projects on social media, he is mindful of his followers and shows them a bit of his “normal” life from time to time, and this time he was seen from the kitchen, surprising with what he tried to accomplish with an egg.

Eiza González is a woman of challenges, and as such, in a pleasant and amusing moment, the actress accepted the task that a chef placed her at an Asian food restaurant, leaving everyone with their mouths open, seeing that not only does it act well, but she also understands how to manage this food.

Eiza González released a video of herself visiting an Asian restaurant through her Instagram stories. When the chef saw who it was, he challenged her to spin an egg in the air without breaking it with a kitchen spatula.

Eiza felt ready to accomplish the trick after watching the kitchen expert perform it multiple times without cracking the egg, and when presented with the task, she was seen alert and focused on passing the test.

eiza gonzalez 3

To everyone’s astonishment, the ‘Ambulance’ actress started the task extremely successfully, as she was able to throw the egg into the air and catch it with the spatula without breaking it numerous times. But, the effort was not entirely successful, as the egg fell bankrupt in the end.

Despite the fact that the egg was not preserved and was stamped on the grill, the renowned woman received acclaim and cheers from those present because she did not stop trying, displaying a side of her that we had not seen before, well, to shine in Hollywood, he did it today in this kitchen.

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Without a doubt, it was a challenge that pushed her to do something new, and the famous couldn’t keep that memories to herself, so she shared it with her millions of followers, who enjoyed the wonderful moment.

Prior to this amusing event in the kitchen, the movie star also disclosed the beautiful Valentine‘s gift that she received, because she also made a video displaying her room full with floral arrangements, but without identifying who was the author or author of this surprise.

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