Disney Plus Day: Launch trailer for “Baymax”, the spin-off of “Big Hero 6”

During the celebration of “Disney Plus Day”, the first trailer of “Baymax”, the new spin-off series of “Big Hero”, which will arrive in 2022 on the streaming platform, was released.

Big Hero 5
Disney Plus Day: Launch trailer for "Baymax", the spin-off of "Big Hero 6"

During the celebration of Disney Plus Day, the first trailer of “Baymax” was released, the new series of “Big Hero 6” (2014) and spin-off of “Big Hero 6: the series”, which will arrive on the Disney + platform in 2022 and will show the original facet of the Baymax humanoid robot: of being a caregiver and personal assistant.

Big Hero
Big Hero 6 Series

Since 2014 with the presentation of “Big Hero 6”, the character of Baymax won the affection of the entire public; And now, in a new epic that the character embarks on, Disney Plus rescues this story in a new “Baymax” series, which would arrive on the platform in 2022.

During the celebration of Disney Plus Day, the streaming platform released the first official trailer of the series, where Baymax can be seen dealing with another problem that, this time, does not involve an epic adventure together with Hiro, but will show the titular robot applying his skills in another aspect: everyday life.

Big Hero 6 Series

From being a personal assistant to serving coffee in coffee shops, they will be some of the tasks shown in the trailer, where Baymax will show his caring skills to help different people.

Don Hall, one of the directors of the 2014 film, is the creator of this second spin-off, which will arrive a year after the end of the first series based on the Oscar-winning film, since “Big Hero 6: The series,” finished broadcasting its third and final season earlier this year.


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