Smithers will have a boyfriend in the new episode of “The Simpsons”

This next November 21, ‘The Simpsons’ will premiere its episode entitled ‘Portrait Of A Lackey On Fire’.

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Smithers will have a boyfriend in the new episode of "The Simpsons"

After revealing his sexual orientation in a 2016 episode, Waylon Smithers, the faithful assistant to billionaire Montgomery Burns, will finally find love.

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Waylon Smithers And Michael De Graaf

This November 21, ” The Simpsons ” will premiere its episode titled “Portrait Of A Lackey On Fire”, where Smithers begins a relationship with Michael De Graaf, a fashion mogul.

The episode was written by Rob LaZebnik, a recurring screenwriter of the cartoon, along with his son Johnny LaZebnik, who was the mastermind of the episode in which said character comes out of the closet.


Within the synopsis of the next episode of the famous series, we can read “Smithers finds true love with a famous fashion designer, but will Springfield end up destroying this new relationship?”

In addition, the actor Victor Garber, whom we can see in the series ” Family Law “, will be in charge of giving Michael the voice, for which he revealed that “it brings back certain feelings that I had when I was a young actor and could not be gay”.

Simp 1
Montgomery Burns And Waylon Smithers

Smithers’s sexual orientation has always been a recurring joke within the cartoon throughout its more than 30 years, which we have seen above all in his relationship with his boss, Mr. Burns, from whom he even stole a kiss in one of the oldest episodes in the series.

Without a doubt, “Portrait Of A Lackey On Fire” will set a precedent in the history of ” The Simpsons “, so Rob has commented that “Often, homosexual romances are a subplot or are referred to as a joke. What excites me is that with this episode we can see, without telling them too much, the beginning, the in-between and who knows how a gay relationship also ends ”.


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