Dayanara Torres claims to feel like a queen and is dressed in a dress that bares her legs.

Dayanara Torres
Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres, a model, has shared on social media how happy she is after reaching 30 years old and being elected Miss Universe. As a result, she released a photo of herself in which she can be seen preserving herself at the age of 48.

Dayanara Torres, a professional model, intended to surprise her more than a million followers on the camera’s social network this weekend, following a particular publication in which she not only shows herself very happy when posing, but she also refers to ladies who wear crowns.

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In turn, Marc Anthony’s ex-wife poses on this occasion while sitting in a chair, which some interpret as a possible throne. She also chose to wear her hair down, heels, and a black dress above her knees, which resulted in numerous praises after showing off her legs.

“Feeling like a queen… Yeah, Puerto Rico does that to me,” the message accompanying the Instagram photo read.

Dayanara Torres wows over 1 million followers with a crown-wearing selfie -  American Post

Let us recall that Torres represented Puerto Rico in a beauty pageant, and later she was one of the participants in Miss Universe, where she won in 1993.

Since then, she has remained active in the world of entertainment, despite the fact that she gained much more fame when she became the salsa singer’s partner.

Instagram | Dayanara Torres muestra con orgullo la cicatriz que le dejó el  cáncer a la piel, tras el fin de su tratamiento | RPP Noticias

As a result, netizens took the time to comment on the caption he placed on the app. Furthermore, many people used her as a reference when she won the aforementioned beauty organisation.

“Our queen,” “Everyone feels like what they are, you feel like a queen because you are and will continue to be a queen,” “Our Puerto Rican queen,” “A throne worthy of a true queen,” “Always our queen,” “That’s what you are, our queen,” “Always beautiful our queen,” “Bella,” “Queen forever,” “Good morning beautiful thing,” “Always beautiful,” “Precious and I am your king,” “What

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