Cynthia Rodriguez, dressed casually, reveals more beneath her blouse

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Cynthia Rodrguez
Cynthia Rodrguez

Cynthia Rodrguez, a singer and presenter from Coahuila, melted her followers in a handful of images in which she exhibited more than her top and a tender company.

Cynthia Rodrguez, a singer of Coahuila origin, not only demonstrates that she is aware of the latest trends, but it was in some of the photographs in which Cynthia Rodrguez not only melts with her beauty and something else that stands out under her blouse, as well as a tender company that stole the hearts of his fans.

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The reactions were swift for the 38-year-old “wife of Carlos Rivera,” who had attracted the attention of her over 4 million followers on the popular social network.

Cynthia Rodrguez has recently become a fan favorite on social media, notably in the photo app, where the ” ex-academic ” unleashes a whole rage in each of her fashion choices, like on this occasion, with a pair of shorts and a blouse that she wore open, displaying a white top below.

The ” Grupera Princess ” models with glasses and a great sporty and casual style, without forgetting her new and inseparable company, which she introduced to her admirers from a bag she was carrying:

“Has Mia been seen? The youtuber added an emoji with a dog face as an homage to her new and adorable companion, who barely managed to poke her head out.

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