Clint Eastwood turns 91 but does not enter the ‘top ten’: these are the 10 oldest actors in Hollywood

t is impossible to look at a porch without thinking of  Clint Eastwood . The actor and director is an icon of the North American film industry and, while his work has made him  one of the biggest names in Hollywood  and his conservatism into  one of the most controversial , due to his age, he enters the  list of the oldest : today, the star of  The Bridges of Madison  turns  91 .

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ClintEastwood.55386 scaled

The same ones that Gene Hackman met in January of this year, who is now the next on the bench of this  ‘top ten’ of seventh art veterans . With the  death of  Olivia de Havilland at 104  and  Norman Lloyd at 106 , we have been running out of the oldest performers of classic cinema. They are the last vestige of the golden age of Hollywood, the eternal productions that saw the light between the 20s and 60s and the most beautiful era of the seventh art. 

The youngest may not remember them, but these are the stars who still have the memory of those years in the first person:  the 10 oldest actors in Hollywood . Clint Eastwood is number twelve. 

Marsha Hunt, 103

Marsha Hunt at 100: The Actress Recalls the Blacklist, Film Noir and Being  Cast in Gone With The Wind - MovieMaker Magazine

After the farewells of Olivia de Havillan and Norman Lloyd,  Marsha Hunt currently holds the title of longest-lived actress in Hollywood at 103 years old . She is one of the last survivors of classic cinema and in addition to being an actress, she was also a model and activist. He starred in numerous films, but his career was marked, and was  practically ruined in the 1950s by the famous Hollywood blacklist : in it they pointed out, in the era of ‘McCarthyism’, members of the film industry who supposedly they sympathized with communism.

And it is that in the 30s he became involved in the fight against hunger, and later he has helped in shelters for the homeless,  supported homosexual marriage, raised awareness against climate change and worked for peace in third world countries . This caused him to lose many roles and, in an interview with the BBC, he confessed that Hollywood was in those years in a “moment of political paranoia” that he never understood, but that despite this he continued in acting and has never abandoned. political initiative known for starring opposite John Wayne  city hell (1937), the last film in which he appeared fu and  murders of the Empire State  (2008).

Nehemiah Persoff, 101 years old

Nehemiah Persoff Interview - YouTube

Born in Jerusalem and immigrated to the United States in 1929, he is the second oldest actor and the other Hollywood centennial. He played an uncredited taxi driver in Elia Kazan’s  The Law of Silence  and, due to his imposing physical appearance, used to play villain roles. He appeared in  Alfred Hitchcock’s False Guilty , in  Harder will the fall  with Humphfrey Bogart , in  on skirts and crazy  with Marilyn Monroe  and later in Yentl , by Barbra Streisand . In the late 1990s, he gave up acting to pursue painting and still lives in California with his wife, Thia.

Betty White, 99

Betty White marks 99th birthday Sunday; up late as she wants - ABC News

Betty White is one of America’s most beloved movie legends. She became an  icon of the country’s comedy  and a global figure thanks to the series Las chicas del oro , which was a success during its six seasons. Of the four protagonists,  Betty is the only one who is still alive  and has seven Emmy awards, the last one achieved in 2010  as best guest actress on  Saturday Night Live . Until very recently, he has continued to participate in funny roles in comedy series, such as  Community , where he even dared with a little rap.

Glynis Johns, 97 years old 

Revisiting Our Favorite Celebrities Of The Past And What They Are Up To Now  - - Star Law Newz

The  British counterpart of Marilyn Monroe , Glynis Johns was  star of film and music of the 60s and 70s . She played Winifred Banks in  Mary Poppins , won a Tony for her performance in the Broadway musical A Little Night Music , written by the legendary Stephen Sondheim, and until 1999 she appeared in nearly 70 films and more than 20 stage productions. 

Leslie Phillips, 97

Carry On Blogging!: Happy Birthday Leslie Phillips!

He gave voice to the sorting hat of Harry Potter and is one of the actors most beloved UK: Leslie Phillips, who was shot in the Second World War, appeared in Out of Africa and worked alongside Christian Bale in  Empire of the Sun  of Steven Spielberg . He continues to live peacefully and happily with his third wife, Sara Carr, whom he married shortly after his wife’s death: ‘Bond girl’ Angela Scoular had been diagnosed with terminal cancer before taking her own life at 65 old. Because of the bump that appeared on his nose,  Leslie himself feared cancer , but the tumor turned out to be benign.     

Angela Lansbury, 95

Tanti auguri Angela Lansbury: 95 anni in 60 look da vera signora (in  giallo) | Angela lansbury, Angela, Beautiful people

The unique  Angela Labsbury is known for her iconic role on the series A Murder, She Wrote   He received the Honorary Oscar in 2013 and has accumulated  6 Golden Globes, 5 Tony Awards and a Grammy  for his work in various film, theater and television productions. He recently appeared alongside Dick Van Dyke in a small role in The Return of Mary Poppins .  

Dick Van Dyke, 95

Dick Van Dyke, 95, Shows Off Fitness Routine En Route To 100: 'I'm Still  Dancing!' |

 Mary Poppins’ eternal chimney sweep , he started his career on Broadway and on the comedy series  The Dick Van Dyke Show , for which he won an Emmy Award. Brimming with charisma and a genius of physical comedy, he starred in musical comedies such as A Kiss for Birdie  or  Chitty Chitty Bang and in 2018, with more than 90 years, he participated in  The Return of Mary Poppins.  Although since 2013 he has suffered from symptoms of a degenerative disease, he leads a normal life. In August of the same year, a pedestrian rescued him from his burning car, but the actor was not injured.   

Eva Marie Saint, 96 years old

Celebrities Over 90: Then and Now |

She is  Holywood’s longest-lived Oscar-winning actress , filling the gap left by Olivia de Havilland. It was thanks to  The Law of Silence , the film with which he made his film debut with Marlon Brando before working with  Paul Newman on  Exodus  and with Alfred Hitchcock on  Death on His Heels . He appeared in  Titanic  and his last film, A  Winter’s Tale , was shot in 2014. 

Mel Brooks, 94

Mel Brooks Endorses Biden for President in First Political Video - Variety

The comedy icon  Mel Brooks, screenwriter, actor and director who created  The Producers, The Mystery of the Twelve Chairs , or  Young Frankenstein , is one of the living legends of the genre. Responsible for the television production Superagente 86, he was decorated by the Order of Arts and Letters, in the rank of Knight. He is  one of the few people who has received an Oscar, an Emmy Award, a Tony and a Grammy, which is known as the “EGOT” . Only fifteen people have made it, including Whoopi Goldberg and Quincy Jones.

Sidney Poitier, 93

Mike Mooneyham on Twitter: "The great Sidney Poitier turns 93 today. Happy  birthday Sir Sidney!… "

Bahamian-born actor, film director, writer, and diplomat,  Sidney Poitier was the first African-American male to win an Oscar for best actor  for his work in  Lilies of the Valley.  38 years later, in 2002, he also received the honorary Oscar in recognition of his entire career, which includes more than 50 films. After a hard childhood and youth in which he had to fight to earn a living, it was released on Broadway and made the leap to the cinema with  Joseph L. Mankiewicz . He has written two autobiographical books telling his story and approaching the spiritual life.

Gene Hackman, 91

Gene Hackman - Wikipedia

The cinema was a late calling, but it soon caught on:  Gene Hackman, number 11 on the list of longest-lived actors, turns out only a few months before Clint Eastwood . He has worked under the orders of legends such as  Francis Ford Coppola, Alan Parker and Mike Nichols , forever marking the cinema of the 70s: some of his most relevant roles have been in the mythical  The French Connection  (with which he won his first Oscar for best actor),  Superman, Unforgiven  (the film for which he received his second Oscar) or  The Royal Tenenbaum s,  by  Wes Anderson . In addition to the Academy Awards, he has received four Golden Globes and two BAFTA Awards. 

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