He gave birth to his Kid while watching a YouTube tutorial: the baby was stillborn, and she is currently in critical condition in the hospital.


After witnessing his kid die and his girlfriend pass out from the loss of blood, the guy rushed them both to the hospital, where the staff denounced him to the authorities, who arrested him.

A guy who used YouTube lessons to assist his girlfriend in giving birth in his own house was arrested Monday after the baby died and the lady remained in serious condition in the hospital.

When R. Loganathan noticed his girlfriend L. Gomathi in labour agony at their Ranipet, India, home, he opted to take control of the situation rather than transport the 28-year-old lady to a hospital, he claimed. Bricks that are new.

While viewing YouTube videos, the 34-year-old guy began assisting his  girlfriend with the assistance of his sister. Soon after, Gomathi gave birth to a stillborn baby and quickly passed out from the blood loss during delivery.

Loganathan, desperate, rushed the lady and her lifeless kid to the hospital, where the woman got emergency care before being hospitalised in critical condition.

After medical workers reported what occurred, authorities launched an inquiry into the baby’s death and arrested the father.

The incident stunned the community to the point where numerous physicians reaffirmed their warnings to women not to cave to their husbands’ aspirations to give birth at home without medical assistance, The Hindu said.

“Strict measures will be taken against such life-threatening practises for mother and baby, and more awareness about a safe delivery method will be created,” Ranipet official D. Bhaskara Pandian said.

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