Chris Evans recommends this Brad Pitt movie to spend an afternoon crying

If you thought that Chris Evans’ favorite movie was an action movie, Marvel or Disney, how wrong you were! And they were there because we’ll tell you which one is his favorite and that even makes him cry.

Chris Evans 1 1
Chris Evans 1 1

To promote Lightyear,  Chris Evans caught up with  Taika Waititi to talk about their favorite movies. Since the Toy Story spin-off is part of the Disney family,  Captain America took it for granted. He listed some classics of the house of the mouse and gave us the guideline to know that the 41-year-old actor is a fan of sad, dramatic, friendly, and passionate stories. And he got us wondering, what will be his all-time favorite?

As a Marvel hero, we may have him pretty pigeonholed into action plots. The reality is another. Evans is a guy beyond hitting titans with vibranium shields and saving the world from natural catastrophes, as he did in Danny Boyle‘s Sunshine, or with Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho, who cast him as a part. from the leader of survivors and revolutionaries of Fear Expresshis heart is more receptive than any other

W Magazine invited him to talk about movies that weren’t Marvel and asked him about his favorite movie of all time and released a couple of recommendations to spend these rainy afternoons holding a popcorn jar and having a little cry. Cap challenged us to spend at least 30 minutes without crying while watching Legends of the Fall, directed by  Edward Zwick and starring Brad Pitt himself. 

brad pitt

This drama tells us how the Ludlow family is involved in a tragic circle. Mr. William Ludlow ( Anthony Hopkins ), the patriarch of the nucleus, is abandoned by his wife and decides to take refuge in the home of his sons Tristán (Pitt), Alfred ( Aidan Quinn ), and Samuel ( Henry Thomas ), the latter died before leaving for the city. World War I and leaving Susannah ( Julia Ormond ), his future fiancée, adrift. She embarrasses her brothers by falling in love with one of them and dealing with ethics and respect for her brother’s memory. Drama!

“If you’ve already seen it and think it’s just a brother movie, watch it again, it’s a phenomenon. If they go 30 minutes without shedding a tear, they have no heart. There are like 12 scenes of romance that sensitize you, and by the way, a scene of Love doesn’t have to be strictly between a man and a woman, it can be between the family,” he said. 

Legends of the Fall is available on HBO Max in case you want to do the half-hour challenge without crying and seeing Brad Pitt is one of the least recognized films of his career for being a bit beat up in 1995 when he premiered. It seems that years later he has found redemption thanks to guys like Evans, totally removed from the trade of voracious critics of the media. 

What do you think?

Written by Rachita Salian


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