In a new music video, Chiquis Rivera flirts from the bar.

Chiquis Rivera 3
Chiquis Rivera 3

Chiquis Rivera flirts from the bar in a lovely red jumpsuit in the music video for “Me Mocho un H**vo.”

Uziel Payan partnered with singer Chiquis Rivera to release “Me Mocho un H**vo,” a musical theme that is typecast in the regional Mexican genre and putting the rhythm that fans appreciate made them dance with its release.

The song video, which is set at a bar, has over 57,000 views on YouTube. The 37-year-old artist and businesswoman appeared at the bar, flaunting her lethal curves in a tight-fitting red latex costume.

Chiquis Rivera debuted a highly personal song, “Because I am Queen Bee,” at the beginning of January, whose lyrics serve as a response to all those who have bad thoughts about her, particularly the family turmoil that he has had since his mother’s death.

Chiquis Rivera puts on a babydoll and harsh criticism rains down on her

This musical theme, created in conjunction with Uziel Payan, is unique in that it recounts the story of a love that has yet to be conquered, as the boy searches for an old love from the past who is no longer interested in restarting the connection with him because he is too busy being free.

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