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Sophie Arvebrink was born in Stockholm, Sweden on 7 September 1991, and is thus a Virgo with Swedish nationality. She is well-known for her fitness modelling profession, as well as her Instagram stardom. Discover more facts about Sophie Arvebrink here!

Education and childhood

Sophie was raised in an athletic background, and so inherited a sporting gene – she hasn’t spoken much about her parents, but often describes how they both competed professionally in their twenties. Sophie has never acknowledged having siblings, which leads the majority of people to assume she is an only child.

Sophie was not interested in athletics throughout her youth, and her parents did not coerce her into participating in activities she disliked. After graduating from high school, she realised she was unhappy with her figure and resolved to improve it — she purchased a gym membership and started working out every day. She immediately began training weights and eventually decided to forego college in order to pursue her ambition of being a fitness model.


Sophie spent two years sculpting her body the way she desired — she went from a tiny girl weighing 52kgs to 64kgs of muscular mass. She formed an Instagram account to document her daily progress, and she was rapidly gaining followers and establishing herself as an online phenomenon.

Sophie had gained a sizable following on Instagram by the time she reached 22 and was subsequently approached by a modelling scout about posing for a fitness magazine for which he was working. Sophie accepted the invitation and ended up on the cover – thus launching her career as a fitness model. She has since been on countless front pages of fitness magazines and posed for various prominent brands and corporations.

Sophie is now employed as a personal trainer and is considering opening her own gym.

Personal life and interpersonal interactions

  1. Sophie is quite private when it comes to her personal life. She has not disclosed any information about her previous or current relationships to the public.
  2. Sophie was said to be dating her instructor in 2016 — the two met at the gym and then began assisting her before dating. They dated for almost a year before breaking up, reportedly due to jealousy problems.
  3. Today, Sophie is reported to be dating a guy who works out at the same gym as her, and they have apparently been dating since January 2019 – however, Sophie has not commented on her current relationship status, being as mysterious as she is.
  4. According to her social media accounts and the fact that she rarely discusses her love life, Sophie appears to be single, unmarried, and without children.
  5. Hobbies and extracurricular activities
    Sophie may seem to be exclusively interested in exercising and posing for photographs, but she has a plethora of other hobbies.
  6. Sophie is an animal lover and has a pet dog called Max, whom she often takes to the gym with her. Travel is one of her pastimes, and she has travelled extensively around Europe, with her favourite region being the Balkans — the four nations that are Europe’s hidden treasures. She is an artist and an amazing drawer – she demonstrated her abilities when she posted an Instagram photo of a sketch of her dog.
  7. Sophie enjoys the summer because she gets to spend time at the beach and participates in a variety of summer activities.

Net Worth

Sophie is 31 years old at the moment. She is 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and weighs around 150lbs (68kgs).

According to credible sources, her present net worth exceeds $400,000 and is gradually increasing as a result of her fitness modelling profession, which includes work on Instagram.

Presence on social media

Sophie is more or less active on the internet, which is necessary for her fitness model job –’more’ since she is quite active on Instagram and Facebook, and ‘less’ because she does not seem to use Twitter.

Sophie’s Instagram account, which she started, has approximately 950,000 followers and over 260 photos — she also has a Facebook profile, which has over 380,000 followers.

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