Carliz De la Cruz, Bad Bunny’s ex-girlfriend, has filed a lawsuit against him

Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny

The former Bad Bunny would seek $40 million in damages for the unlawful use of her voice.

The announcement that Puerto Rican musician Benito Martnez Ocasio, commonly known as Bad Bunny, would be facing a lawsuit shook the entertainment and music worlds.

Why Bad Bunny is being sued by his ex-girlfriend - AS USA

This is due to the alleged improper use of a phrase recorded for him by his ex-girlfriend, Carliz De la Cruz Hernández, in 2016.

The song for which this audio was used, in which his ex-recording girlfriend’s can be heard, is called “Pa Ti,” and the Puerto Rican collaborates with Bryant Myers on it. The music video has over 358 million views on YouTube and over 235 million views on Spotify.

Bad Bunny is being sued by his ex and this is the huge amount she is  claiming | Marca

The case was announced by the Noticel, a Puerto Rican news site, which alleges that it was also used in his most recent studio album, titled “Un Verano Without Te,” notably in the song “Dos Mil 16,” in which the recording of Carliz De la Cruz Hernández can also be heard as an overture.

The singer’s ex-girlfriend would seek 40 million dollars in damages for the unlawful use of her voice. It should also be stated that his manager, Noah Kamil Assad Byrne, was sued.

Bad Bunny is being sued for $40 million by his ex-girlfriend over use of  voice

Bad Bunny and Carliz De la Cruz Hernández’s love tale

The couple met in 2011, and the statement was recorded when the Puerto Rican artist requested her to film herself saying it in 2015. As a result, Carliz went to her friend’s toilet to do so, and afterwards gave the audio to the singer.

El Conejo Malo proposed to Carliz in January 2016. The wedding was scheduled for June of that year, but Bad Bunny was signed off and Carliz was accepted to study law at the University of Puerto Rico. In May of the same year, two months before their wedding, the couple divorced.

Bad Bunny sued by ex-girlfriend for $40 million |

Therefore the phrase was also utilised for the song that year, but there was no revenge because they both rejoined in 2017, however their love did not last long, as they parted again.

It wasn’t until 2022 that bad Bunny’s lawyer approached the girl, offering her $2,000 to acquire the recording and use it on the album “A Summer Without You”. “Rhymes entertainment” contacted her to try to negotiate the acquisition of the audio rights, but she refused.

Bad Bunny's ex-girlfriend files $40M lawsuit

Despite this denial, the recording was reused in the song Two Thousand Sixteen. As a result, Carliz would have filed a complaint against the artist for using his voice without permission.

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