Antonela Roccuzzo kicks out the week with a bang in the gym

Antonela Roccuzzo
Antonela Roccuzzo

Antonela Roccuzzo begins the week with some images after training, demonstrating that her power is proportionate to her attractiveness.

The lovely model Antonela Roccuzzo begins the week at the gym, demonstrating that her power is equivalent to her beauty, without neglecting the excellent habits that allow her to keep a superb physique.


La exigente rutina fitness de Antonela Roccuzzo - Infobae

In the tales section, the star released several images from her workout in which she can be seen from the weights area, demonstrating that she has a lot of strength despite her little stature.

Antonela Roccuzzo’s black sports attire caught a lot of attention, which favored her silhouette but also provided her with comfort.


Antonela Roccuzzo irrumpió las redes con explosiva foto en el gym


In the following photograph, he commended the Alo Yoga brand for the comfortable clothing, as he frequently produces new outfits with the newest designs released by the well-known sportswear brand.

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