An Employee at Hoy tests positive for Covid, there are already three

In the most recent broadcast of the “Hoy” program, it was reported that this driver is fortunately almost asymptomatic.

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Another host of "Hoy" tests positive for Covid, there are already three | Photo: @programahoy/Instagram

Four days after it was revealed that Raúl Araiza and Paúl Stanley tested positive for Covid-19, another driver is infected.

In the most recent broadcast of the ” Hoy ” program, Andrea Escalona reported that it is nothing more and nothing less than Arath de la Torre.

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Consecutively, the drivers made a video call with the also actor where he commented that he is sheltered in his home and is recovering.

Yesterday afternoon was when I came out positive and I have to be here in quarantine for a while. The children, we are waiting three days or so, to protect them from all kinds of contagion, but we will only wait two more days, my wife and I are confined to a room,” said Arath de la Torre.

The comedian expressed that fortunately he is vaccinated, which is why he is almost asymptomatic.

“I am vaccinated, I have my two vaccines, ironically, my vaccination certificate arrived yesterday and well, I hope that all the people who are over there recover, they are minor issues, almost asymptomatic, but do not trust them because right now everyone has a friend with Covid”, he revealed.

Arath de la Torre commented that after learning that he tested positive, he notified the producer Andrea Rodríguez and regretted that there were already three infected.


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