Vanessa Claudio takes Anette Cuburu out of “Al Extremo”

he Puerto Rican host will be on the broadcast together with Uriel Estrada.

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Uriel Estrada, Vanessa Claudio, Anette Cuburu and Sergio Sepúlveda. | Photo: @vengalaalegriatva/Instagram

This weekend it was announced that “Al Extremo” will have a new stage, where another of the beloved drivers will appear, but another will be integrated.

That’s right, it is nothing more and nothing less than Anette Cuburu, who leaves the evening broadcast in which she was for more than a year.

“For me it is an honor, I do want to thank many people because for me it is a dream come true I always wanted to do ‘Al Extremo’ […] The truth is that I have only grown and learned and with great humility and gratitude I say goodbye of this program”, Anette Cuburu said happily in “Venga la Alegría”.

Consecutively, Sergio Sepúlveda introduced Vanessa Claudio and confirmed that she will be the new presenter of “Al Extremo” together with Uriel Estrada.

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Photo: @Vengalaalegriatva/Instagram

“I feel very excited, very grateful, nervous because challenges always make me very nervous, but very happy and eager to be with Mexican families,” said the former host of ‘Suelta la Sopa’.

It is worth mentioning that in “Al Extremo” Carmen Salinas and Juan Barragán were previously hosts, who left the program unexpectedly and now work with the competition.

The new stage of “Al Extremo” begins on January 24 and will be broadcast from Monday to Friday from 6:00 p.m. (CDMX time) on the Azteca Uno channel.

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