Amber Heard lied about the brand of makeup she used according to cover Her bruises

The brand refuted a strong evidence about the Amber Heard version in the trial against Johnny Depp.

Amber Heards dramatic testimony
Amber Heards dramatic testimony

Amber Heard is discredited by the make-up brand that she claimed she used to cover the blows she had because of Johnny Depp.

According to the new tests, the version of Amber Heard is discredited with a video that leaves no room for doubt and discovers why everyone talks about the great ‘blunder’ of the actress from the Aquaman movie.

What did the cosmetics brand say about Amber Heard’s testimony?

In a case that has triggered endless questions, fans may begin to discover which way the scales tip in the great scandal between the 36-year-old actress and her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

At the beginning of April, the televised trial between the most controversial couple of the moment began, in which we have seen enough evidence to have a perhaps clearer opinion of what is happening in this complicated marriage. Recall that recently Amber Heard assured that she always carried a makeup kit with her to hide the visible blows that the actor left on his face, the terrible testimony that baffled more than one person was totally in doubt after the makeup brand that the actress assured to use, will finally speak on the subject.

According to the plaintiff’s defense statement in the recent trial, she used Conceal + Perfect All in One from the Milani Cosmetics brand, a product that contains 4 shades (green, red, pink, and yellow), to hide certain imperfections in the skin: ‘This is what she used. She became very adept at it. You’re going to hear Amber’s testimony about how she had to mix the different colors for the different days of the bruises as they developed into the different colors and how she used to touch them up to cover them up,’ the actress’ attorney said.

As expected in such a media dispute, the brand involved in the issue decided to raise its voice since its product was involved in a criminal case that could affect the life of a person who may be innocent. Through a TikTok video, Milani Cosmetics showed that the product in question was created sometime after the actress allegedly used it as her lawyer claimed.



The alleged lie that totally casts doubt on the actress’s accusations against her ex-husband was called into question since, according to Amber Heard‘s lawyer, she used that kit in 2016, but the makeup brand clarified that this product came to the market in 2017.

It should be noted that despite the fact that the testimony of the ex-wife of Johnny Depp has been practically denied, it does not mean that he has not suffered from domestic violence, since perhaps the confusion was an error on the part of the legal team that used as evidence a product similar to the one that the actress allegedly used.

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