Aleida Nunez reveals three workouts to help you look like a goddess at 40

Aleida Nunez 3
Aleida Nunez 3

The spectacular Mexican actress Aleida Núñez published on her social networks three workouts with which she remains a goddess at over 40

It is not easy to prevent time from passing through the image of a woman and when it comes to a star this becomes even more significant and that is why the Mexican actress Aleida Núñez has made it plain how vital it is to have a healthy mind in body healthy and fitness is key in his life.


Aleida Nunez


Aleida Núñez has shared in her Instagram stories three workouts that she continually has in her training program to seem like a beautiful goddess at over 40 years of age, which many may even say that she still looks like when she was a young girl.

Via a few brief photographs, the famous soap opera shared herself from the gym while doing her routine in a comfortable and extremely gorgeous sports attire with which she surely captured all eyes.


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1.Stationary bike

Without a doubt, a little cardio is vital to keep your heart and muscles healthy; In addition to the fact that the bicycle is a fantastic accomplice when you want to strengthen your thighs, legs and “back”.

Aleida Núñez knows all of the above and that is why the stationary bicycle is part of the equipment she uses in the gym to stay fit and beautiful.


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2.leg raises

If what is needed is to strengthen and tone the figure, leg raises have to be part of the training, which is why Aleida Núñez exercises them consistently.

The likewise singer normally leans on a bench, it can even be done on the floor with a mat for more comfort, resting herself on four points and then raising one leg back and then the other, alternating or ending one circle and then the other. A version of this exercise that works excellent for the lower thighs is to raise the leg to the side to have an effect on these muscles.


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3.Thruster with kettlebells

Undoubtedly, squats are an essential aspect of every fitness regimen and if you supplement them with kettlebells they are great for people who wish to have more than strong and shaped legs.

The lovely Aleida Núñez utilizes this mixture in her training and was also part of the workouts that she decided to divulge to her followers that she does in the gym; she is a really dedicated woman.

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