Alcohol addiction could cost Ben Affleck his role in Batman

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Alcohol Addiction Could Cost Ben Affleck His Role In Batman
Alcohol addiction could cost Ben Affleck his role in Batman

The actor and film director, Ben Affleck, was admitted to alcohol rehabilitation once again, which could affect his career in Hollywood.

Last week Ben Affleck (46) entered the clinic for a second time in the year to detoxify and this has raised great doubts about his professional future.

The participation of Ben Affleck as Batman on the big screen is increasingly doubtful, because their disadvantages with alcohol have created great dilemmas.

According to The Wrap, the cost to keep Ben Affleck in the film would be too high. “The study is likely to replace it because the insurance costs are going to go through the roof,” said a representative of a bond company.

This is because the deductible would be very expensive and would complicate the production of the film.

Industry experts, according to the portal, estimate that for Ben Affleck to continue as Batman, Warner Bros. should pay half of the film’s budget. The approximate amount would be 150 million dollars, if one takes into account that La Liga de la Justicia (2017) cost 300 million dollars.

It should be noted, that Warner Bros. has not yet announced the release date of the film.

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