The word can melt the ice and ignite the flame of love. The art of mastering speech is a necessary skill on the path of conquering a beloved woman. Sometimes, just one phrase can charm and captivate a lady of the heart

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Your outer beauty is amazing, but the beauty of your soul is mesmerizing
There is something about you that I cannot resist
Tell me something, your voice is a delight to my ears. Ready to listen to you forever
In the midst of all the chaos in my life, you are my harbor
Spending time with you is like breathing – always a little and you want more
Thinking about you is my main joy
Today I hit the jackpot in the universe because I met an incredible girl
You are so charming that I forgot what I wanted to say
Don’t believe there is no magic. Now I believe in miracles, because you are my magic
What a pity, I can’t swim. Now I will definitely drown in your eyes
Have you ever seen such beauty? Come to the mirror and see
When you smile my life fills with sparkling light
I love every inch of you
Stop being so lovely I can’t breathe
I’m not afraid of the dark, because you are with me. My beam of light that illuminates everything around
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You understand me so well. Sometimes I think you can read minds
Please do not disappear for so long, I am losing my guiding star
I never want to marry only if you
I wish I had met you earlier, I could have been happy long ago
Your eyes reflect the meaning of my existence
One touch of yours and I am lost. Please kill me every day
I need a compass, I’m constantly lost in your eyes
With you, I want to be the best version of myself. You motivate me
Without you, I’m like an artist without a muse, I can’t live a day without your inspiration
If I don’t think about you then I don’t breathe
Give me your lovely smile
One look and I am in paradise
Sometimes I dream of becoming a mirror to show how beautiful you are
I never liked sweets until I met a sweetness like you
I think I have heart problems, I should think about you and my heart is jumping wildly
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How is this possible? In an instant, all the songs became about you
I have a purpose in life, to make you happy
I have been suffering from insomnia since I met you
You are like a dream come true
Where have you been? I looked for you all my previous lives
If you were a flower in the garden, there would be no other flowers left out of envy of your beauty
Can you stop carrying a magnet with you? Constantly pulling me in with incredible strength
I can curb my senses, but I can’t resist your lips
Your image occupied my thoughts and won my heart. I’m in your captivity
If you were a war, I’d rather voluntarily fall in battle
Didn’t know it was so nice to hear my name, especially from your lips
If I get sick, I won’t take the medicine out of anyone’s hands. But from your hands I’m ready to drink and poison
The killer’s potential dies in you, you kill with your smile
When you’re around, all the air from your lungs disappears
Have you heard about femme fatale? It’s strange that you don’t know your name. Femme fatale is you
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The stars are blooming in your eyes and the Gardens of Eden are opening up
On the mortal horde, my last wish I would choose to see you
Never knew how to fly, you taught me
Today I saw you in the museum, or rather your sculpture
Without coffee, I couldn’t wake up until I found you. You are the strongest caffeine
The UN would reward you, because you save millions of lives with your beauty
This is an orchid for you, it’s time for her to get to know her rival
I want everything from you, your body, heart, thoughts and soul. Life loses its color without you
Have you heard of medieval witches? I’m so glad that you were born in the 21st century, otherwise you would have been burned for your beauty
I don’t need chocolate to taste, I need you
You are so Beautiful. I’m afraid to get close to you, suddenly you evaporate
Perfection is you
I no longer believe in the theory of gravity, because now you are holding me on this earth
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You are like Cleopatra, for one night with you I am ready to sacrifice my life
In a past life, you were a queen, and I am your faithful knight. I followed you to protect you and I will follow in all the next lives
Say my name and I’ll be the happiest in the world
Seeing you is like being in space, air is lost
So many personalities are surprisingly intertwined in you. You are a girl, a girl, a woman. But in any form you are mine
Even from a distance you attract me, everything in you attracts me. I am your victim
They say that a person can be replaced, but it is not possible to replace you
How can you know so much? Mind and beauty are powerful force
Show yourself to the moon, let it rest a little. Illuminate everyone with your radiance
I’m ready to fall at your beautiful feet
Don’t do this to men, because of you there are so many cases of injured necks. Everybody is breaking their necks around because of you
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Yesenin would have envied me, because he believed that he knew the power of love. But he didn’t have a chance to meet you and know what love is
I have been looking for you for so long, all my life and now I have found my happiness
Like sakura petals you admire with your grace
I fell, I was lost. I can’t get away from you, let me surrender in your captivity
You are my waking dream. My fabulous vision
Woe to all men who meet you. How many hearts have you already broken?
Winter is not scary with you, the flame in you can kindle fires
Was always strong. But you became my weakness
When you are, no matter what I don’t have
Every day I die of jealousy and resurrect with one of your sweet words
Be with me or kill me, can no longer tolerate that you are not mine
Jewelers are everywhere looking for you, they have never met such a gem
It doesn’t matter if you know how to cook or not, I get full from just one of your charming looks
Image 7 3
What is freedom for me? Now nothing, because I became addicted to you
No wine compares to the aftertaste of your kiss
You are my punishment and my reward, otherwise how can I explain all that I feel about you
All in you is my joy, my wonder of the world
Your beauty is my curse forever
Your eyes are like the rarest pearls
You are a true puppeteer, you can manipulate me as you wish
Your image intoxicates consciousness and becomes speechless
You can resurrect with a glance or bury for centuries
I am ready to become a researcher to study you all my life
You know, Beethoven in the world would have one more beautiful composition
Sapphires and emeralds? Forget about them, there is no gem more beautiful than you
The last time I was so happy before Christmas, now I look forward to your appearance as Christmas
You are so mysterious that I am ready to follow into the maelstrom of suffering and trials for your sake.
Image 8 2
You have become my obsession, haunted by thought, only you will save me and give me peace
Hair is darker than night, eyes sparkle, with fire, and only in you I find meaning, to live one day
I have found answers to all my questions, and they are in you
There are no more women like you, and there will never be, a huge loss for our world


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    Written by Leena Wadia

    Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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