13 Actors who did not know that they sing and do it very well

13 Actors who did not know that they sing and do it very well
13 Actors who did not know that they sing and do it very well

In the world of cinema and television series, there are actors and actresses who have to represent all kinds of characters with different abilities.

And although some have seen them on the screen, in plays or simply in home videos exhibiting their gifts, there is no doubt that these celebrities have developed not only the talent to act, but also for singing, doing it in an extraordinary way And leaving one or another gaping, just like the ones we next show you.

1. Ryan Gosling

Handsome Ryan is not only an excellent actor, he has also shown that he has a vocation to be a singer, as in Blue Valentine. He and his friend Zach Shields formed an indie music group.

2. Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks’ spouse, in addition to being the creator of astronaut Frank Borman’s wife, in the miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, has also entered the world of music and has already recorded two albums.

3. Scarlett Johansson

The musical trajectory of this sexy woman is less compared to her career as an actress. However, we can not deny that this girl is all a case of monies that any man would wish to have.

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