10 reasons why you have relationship problems at work

Work issues
Work issues

Do you feel like you are relegated to conversations between co-workers? Do not you feel comfortable interacting with them? Pay attention to these signs that may indicate that you have not adapted well to your work environment.

Working in a work environment in which you feel comfortable is essential to have a good professional performance. If you perceive that you are not welcome in the conversations between colleagues and you are out of everything that happens in the office, perhaps you should rethink the way to relate to your colleagues. To help you realize what your mistakes may be, we present the 10 reasons why you do not fit into your work environment.

1. You are lazy.


You do not feel motivated to finish your homework and you are not predisposed to help others when they need it.

2. You complain too much.


People who do not conform to them are usually very annoying. Be careful not to criticize the conditions of your work at all times.

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