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10 People who saw such strange phenomena that they could not stop sharing them

Iphone Bike Chain

There are so many interesting things happening around us that it would be almost impossible not to take a picture of fascinating facts and share them with the rest of the world. Have you ever seen cookies with pieces of bacon or a cabbage field full of snow? In this collection we have everything.

Geekybar has compiled some of the weirdest and funniest images we have been able to find and we want to share them with you, so it’s time to start.

1. Making sure no one steals it

Img 1519


2. How is this even possible?

Amazing Cool Funny Weird Guy


3. This raises many questions:

Weird Things You 29



4. The most spooky baby jewelry in the world.



5. This is definitely not the way to cut a sandwich:


© adam_philip / reddit


6. A transparent clock

I Watch Transparent

© d77m / reddit

7. This is what you see when you pour coffee in an icy climate:

Where my Canadians at 👀💕

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8. Incredibly long legs on a motorcycle

Incredibly Long Legs On A Motorcycle

© DeLoreanMotorCars / reddit

9. A selfie in the morning to get more followers


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I felt tender in this picture although I could eliminate it soon.

© unknown / reddit

10. This guy wanted more natural light in the basement and his dad fulfilled his wish

Natural Gas

© tmishkoor / reddit


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