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What to do when no one understands you


The loneliness that arises from the feeling of misunderstanding is very deep and causes much pain to any person. Simply because the person feels alone, far from others, as if there were a wall between himself and the rest of the world. But in the midst of this feeling of misunderstanding, the situation worsens as the person affected further strengthens that wall from negative thoughts, fears and insecurities that make them think that nothing will change in a short period of time.

How to deal with misunderstanding

How to act when nobody understands you? First of all, relativize this situation, and do not give it an absolute value. Asking another person to tell us exactly what we need to hear at the right time can be just as difficult as waiting for someone to guess our thoughts. Therefore, it is also important to understand others, who have surely done the best they could. You must grant this trust, especially to people you have known for a long time, have supported you at other times, and know that they want the best for you.

The feeling of misunderstanding arises, especially, when someone tells you the opposite of what you would like to hear. For example, in love. Someone may be convinced of a story, however, from the outside, the relatives break with their comments on the supposed fairy tale.

Stay with the good

If you have felt misunderstood at some point, try to stay with the good of that situation. It is an opportunity to learn to enhance communication better. If there is something that has hurt you in a special way, then do not keep it to yourself, do not keep that pain silent. And express to that person the reasons for your injury and your suffering. People understand each other better by talking.




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