Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them

Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them
Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them

Interpersonal human relationships are complex because they involve an interaction between people with different opinions, personal history, customs and traditions, attitudes, motivations, etc. In couples relationships , however, is where the difficulty of adapting to one another is most noticeable .

Carrying a good relationship is not a spontaneous fact. It is necessary to build, with effort, a positive relationship . It is necessary to develop common interests that keep the couple together , as well as a link that occupies free time. Tolerance must be developed in the same way with respect to the opinions, points of view, opinions and even dislikes and bad humor of the other.

What does it mean to be a partner of someone?
Being a partner of someone is necessary for the couple, productively complement your partner, develop a total empathy with your partner, take responsibility for all the facts derived from the relationship and manage a mutual commitment of loyalty and respect.

Establish a trust agreement
Trust banishes fear of rejection, ridicule, generates friendship and intimacy and seeks full acceptance of the other.

How to create that climate? To achieve this, you have to talk openly with one another, be reciprocal in the opening, express support and unconditional acceptance to your partner, be consistent (not rigid) in your behavior and values, be able to listen and express warmth when you do not have answers No solutions and do not make promises that you can not fulfill.

Tips to resolve conflicts
If you recognize that in your relationship there are conflicts that often lead to crisis, it is time to read some tips.

Seek professional help (Psychologist, Counselor or Psychotherapist). They will help you to focus your problems and solutions with objectivity and impartiality. If your problems originate in the way of being (defects or personality problems), look for a psychotherapy and a couple therapy .

In the event that it is not possible to go to a professional, follow these steps:
Ask your partner to talk about the conflict or problem . Do it in a public place (cafe, restaurant, park, etc.), not at home.
– To get this appointment, call your partner by phone at work and propose this conversation.
– During the conversation, try to be objective and always stay calm.
– Always be alert to reason and be logical before letting yourself be carried away by your emotions or visceral reactions.
– In the conversation exhaust all the possibilities of analyzing the causes and consequences of the problem.
– Do not take the problem out of context,Do not go back to the past to uncover other problems that arose at that time.
– Consider that there is never a single person responsible for the problem. Sometimes, by default, the couple also has some guilt.
– If the problem is caused by an obvious fault of yours, accept it and apologize to those who have been harmed . Promise not to commit that mistake again and try to amend your behavior if you want to maintain harmony in your relationship.
– Be tolerant at all times, even if you are the object of hostility and verbal aggression. Tell him: “Have you already relieved yourself? Calm down, let me explain …”

Relationships of couple, founded on love, pass through states of passion, and moments that tend to go down and up. You have to learn to recognize those moments to maintain the relationship, not only by passion, but by the bond of friendship , common interests, shared activities. In this way the relationship will be lasting.

The love mature supposed freedom . Freedom for your partner to develop, make your dreams, expectations, vocations, satisfy your needs … It also involves a confidence that allows you to act in freedom, based on respect and fidelity.

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