International Men’s Day 2022: Women like these qualities of men very much

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International Men’s Day 2022:  Good looks..good looks and good looks…of course men notice this first in women and women in men, but when it comes to living together, there is more to it than good looks. Many other things matter a lot to women. About whom we are going to know here today.

1. Confidence

Here we are talking about confidence and not overconfidence. Confident men are very attractive to women. Confident men do not remain insecure about anything they own. They do not hesitate to put their point in front of anyone and do not depend on anyone. This quality of men attracts women the most. But there men full of overconfidence work to irritate women.

2. Maturity

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Mature men also attract women a lot. Maturity does not necessarily come with increasing age. Sometimes the experiences that we get from life also make a man mature. The glimpse of which is visible from his words and his behaviour. Mature men listen to anything, understand and then give their opinion. Instead of adding yes to your yes, they promote every right-wrong thing to woo you.  

3. Good sense of humor

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Apart from serious, stable, confident men who are funny, women also like them very much because with such men they do not feel bored, are always happy and do not know when time passes with them. 

4. Fitness Freak

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Fitness has become everyone’s priority nowadays, but if you are still following the pattern of eat, drink and be merry, then let us tell you that women do not like such men at all. Even if you do not have six pack abs, do not have biceps, but if you are aware of your fitness, then you are perfect for women as a partner. 

5. Stylish

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To some extent, women also notice this in men. Your dressing style tells a lot about your personality. So be very careful while choosing clothes. This does not mean that wear only formal clothes, do not experiment with color. But yes, gaudy clothes, ripped jeans, slogan t-shirts can sometimes spoil your point instead of impressing women.   

6. Romantic

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Romance is a very important part of a relationship and women want their partner to be a little romantic as well. Even if he doesn’t give flowers, cake, gifts or take him for candle light dinner on every small occasion, but whenever you get a chance, leave no stone unturned to shower your love on him. Give them your full time and also give some praise

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