Do you like it? 10 signs to know if your friend has fallen in love with you

Do You Like It 10 Signs To Know If Your Friend Has Fallen In Love With You

If you are reading this is because, like many, you can not tell when someone likes you. It is not because of a problem of self-esteem or you think you are incapable of liking someone, the truth is that it is hard for you to accept that someone approaches you with another intention that is not a friendship. If you are a person who values ​​your friends extremely, you hardly realize when someone is falling in love with you. Remember that not everyone seeks to be “just friends”, there is someone special who wants to be something more for you. Let’s see the signs:


How to know if a woman likes me

# 1 He laughs at every thing, word, movement or gesture you make. His laughter is nervous and constant.

# 2 You touch ‘casually’ (the hand, the back, the shoulders) and then smile looking into your eyes.

# 3 “Too many coincidences”, in all your conversations the phrase “ay, me too” comes out at least 5 times.

# 4 You’re left watching. To find out this, ask a friend.

# 5 Move your hair delicately. Women arrange their hair all the time, so it’s like an inert act, but if you do it with delicacy it’s because there is an intention in between.

# 6 You will have a nervous attitude every time you are seated next to you, you will change the crossing of your legs every time.

# 7 Place your chin in your direction

# 8 When you’re standing next to you, play with your ankles (it’s a product of your nervousness).

# 9 Remember even the most ‘insignificant’ details of your conversations.

# 10 It does not bother you when you are too close, on the contrary look for those spaces where you can share only the two.

How to know if you like a man

# 1 It always sends you messages, you can not spend a day without talking to you, even if it’s a short chat.

# 2 Try to make you laugh at every moment.

# 3 He likes to hug you for any reason.

# 4 He always calls you with affectionate names or has invented a cute / funny nickname for both of you.

# 5 Find a way to make yourself comfortable wherever you go.

# 6 He does not like to talk about other kids, maybe he listens to you at the beginning but always seeks to change the subject.

# 7 He likes to introduce you to his friends, he invites you to his meetings, which he does not do with other “friends”.

# 8 He loves your personality and ‘flaws’, he always justifies them with some pretty phrase.

# 9 Respond immediately to your messages or calls, he wants you to know that “you can always count on me” (this phrase makes you familiar).

# 10 Surprises you with gifts and details, regardless of special dates.

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