Two arrested following Parking brawl at KFC parking lot in South Western Sydney

Two people have been arrested and third taken to hospital after an argument over a parking spot turned ugly in south-western Sydney.

Two people have been arrested after an altercation broke out at a parking lot in south western Sydney. Facebook
Two people have been arrested after an altercation broke out at a parking lot in south western Sydney. Facebook

Post Noon yesterday, police were summoned to a KFC parking area on Hoxton Park Road, Liverpool, after reports that an alleged fight had broken out among a few people.

Two women have been accused following an attempted dispute over a parking space in Sydney’s west. Police were informed that the owners of the cars Ford Explorer and an Audi A4 allegedly got into a physical alleged brawl over a parking space at the KFC fast-food chain.

According to a spectator who recorded the event, the fight was “about parking”. Following the incident, a 30-year-old woman on foot allegedly hit the on the opposite side of the Driver seat of  Audi several times while the other driver – a 26-year-old woman attempted to flee the situation by driving away.

The entire incident was captured and posted to social media, the driver of the Audi can be seen allegedly accelerating towards a man and hitting him, while crashing into the back of the Ford.

He suffered minor injuries as a result of the physical alleged brawl. The victim was transported to Liverpool Hospital for medication after suffering mild injuries.

According to cops, the Audi driver was seized after a short scuffle. During the arrest, she reportedly kicked and spit on an officer. She was accused of resisting an officer in the line of duty, assaulting an officer in the line of duty, affray, intentionally driving a car in a dangerous way, and driving while her licence was suspended.

On Sunday, she appeared in court. The elder lady was also detained and charged with destroying or damaging property as well as fighting. She is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Following the occurrence, a 30-year-old woman is accused of colliding with Audi while the p-plater driver, a 26-year-old woman, fled the scene.

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