Thanos will become the new Punisher

Thanos will become the new Punisher
Thanos will become the new Punisher

Recently we saw The crazy titan destroy half the universe in Infinity war to then disappear, but his counterpart in the comic has not taken a moment of rest.

The crazy titan Thanos, was world-famous in the last Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity war, where he achieved his goal of eliminating half of the population of the universe, also ending with half of the earth’s heroes, including Spider- man

But the counterpart of the comics of the villain, has not stopped in his adventures with the novelty that he will become the next Punisher (or the punisher), after he was raised by an old Frank Castle who is now also the Ghost rider.

Unlike the film, in this story Thanos decides to eliminate not half of the population, but the entire existence in the universe with the purpose of conquering his beloved, the very death, so he embarks on a mission to assassinate every living being in the universe, when it reaches the earth it ends with all the heroes, with the exception of Frank Castle, the Punisher, who with his last breath made a deal with a demon to become the Ghost Rider, who later left in seeks Thanos to kill him without success.

Frank spent thousands of years in his search and even became a herald of Galactus, another great villain of Marvel, until Thanos also murdered this and the Ghost Rider lost his sanity, and ended up joining Thanos in his mission to kill all the universe.

Thanos became king with Ghost Rider as his herald and Hulk as his mascot.

Unfortunately the former herald of Galactus, the Silver surfer, now with the power of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, faces Thanos and Ghost rider in a last battle, where the only survivor is Thanos, Ghost Rider is revived and undertakes a mission to passed to kill Thanos when he was just a baby and thus avoid all that catastrophic future, but of course I only manage to create a worse future.

Since raising the crazy titan as a baby, this turned out to be much worse than before, since in the new series of Marvel ” Cosmic Ghost Rider ” Thanos will become the new Punisher:

Thanos will become the new Punisher
So things will get ugly in the comic world of the Marvel universe.

What do you think?

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