Steven Meisel clone in Loewe’s new campaign

Loewe’s 19 Summer Campaign by Steven Meisel / Reproduction

Loewes 19 Summer Campaign By Steven Meisel Reproduction
Loewes 19 Summer Campaign by Steven Meisel Reproduction

Steven Meisel continues with his campaigns for Loewe, which always surprise us. This time, as if a Meisel was not enough, we have two Meisel! The photo shows what, at first glance, we think it is the photographer himself, but it is a clone of yours in the form of a model.

Oscar Kindelan is the boy chosen to play Steven. This and two more images from the Summer 19 collection are glued together by Paris as a preview of what’s next. The second photo features British actor Josh O’Connor, the brand’s ambassador, and the third announces the launch of the Mini Gate, a smaller version of Loewe’s Gate bag. This last image was photographed by Adrien Toubiana and Thomas Cristiani.

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