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Russia-Ukraine War: Three countries want to help Mariupol residents

France is launching a “humanitarian action” with Turkey and Greece to rescue people from the embattled eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol. President Macron announced this on Friday evening after the EU summit. The news at a glance.

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Macron said it was about “evacuating all those who want to leave Mariupol”. He will speak again with Russian President Putin “to work out details”. Macron said he hopes to “involve as many actors as possible in this operation” and wants the evacuation to begin in the coming days. French government officials spoke to the mayor of Mariupol on Friday. The 150,000 remaining residents lived there under “dramatic conditions,” according to Macron. Ukrainian President Zelenskyi again accused Russia of blocking aid to civilians in the beleaguered port city. The situation in the city is still “absolutely tragic,” said Selenskyi in a video message on Saturday night.

EU agrees on “voluntary joint purchases of gas and hydrogen”

At their meeting, the heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries agreed to enable “voluntary joint purchases of gas, liquid gas and hydrogen”. “Instead of outbidding each other and driving up prices, we will bundle our demand,” said Commission President von der Leyen. Previously, she had presented a deal with US President Biden, according to which the EU should in future purchase large quantities of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US in order to reduce dependence on energy from Russia.

Ukraine’s Ambassador Melnyk demands more weapons from Germany

In an interview on NDR Info, the Ukrainian ambassador Melnyk called for more weapons for his country. “Germany could do a lot more,” said Melnyk. There is a long list of weapons of war that his country needs. He also hopes that the federal government will support a one- to a two-month ban on imports of oil and gas from Russia. Such an embargo by the EU could help “that Putin’s war machine comes to a standstill,” said Melnyk.

Germany’s Economics Minister Habeck had previously announced that there were successes on the way to fewer gas, oil and coal imports from Russia.

Russia apparently wants to focus on Donbass

According to the Defense Ministry in Moscow, the Russian armed forces will in the future concentrate on the Donbas in their actions in Ukraine. The area in the east of the country should be “liberated”, the ministry said. The first goals set in Ukraine have been achieved and the “Ukrainian combat units have been significantly reduced,” said Deputy Chief of General Staff Rudskoy.

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