Net Neutrality rules approved by the Indian government use internet in the country with no discrimination

internet users
internet users

The availability of the Internet without any discrimination and obstruction in the country will continue for all. The government has approved net neutrality in the country. In this order of the Center, there is also a warning of heavy penalties for any change or violation. After the Center’s order, the fear of any discrimination on the internet has ended. However, some important services like remote surgery and automatic tax will be excluded from the purview of Net Absence rules.

After this order, mobile operators, internet providers and social media companies can not adopt a biased attitude on the content and speed of the internet. In addition, companies can not even make zero rated platforms, where only free service and free website is a matter of freeing.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundarajan said, “Net Neutrality was approved in the Inter-Ministerial Commission meeting on Wednesday. It has also been implemented with immediate effect. ‘ This move of the government is considered positive because no operator, Internet Service Provider, can establish his monopoly in this area after this order.

Net Neutrality means that the freedom to go to all web based service without discrimination on behalf of the Internet Service Provider. This is like the concept of telephone service providers, so that the card does not discriminate in calling. The way you can call anywhere after taking the service, in the same way you can use the internet openly when you take a net pack. Net Neutrality means that a network provider can not charge you separately for a particular website or internet based service.

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