Mervat Amin survived a huge fire in her residence

Mervat Amin

The Egyptian artist, Mervat Amin, survived a huge fire that broke out in the headquarters of a company adjacent to her home, and the artist lived in a state of panic from the huge fire, which civil protection men managed to control in an advertising company, and prevented its spread to residential units, but the fire resulted in the death of an employee Due to suffocation, 3 employees were rescued from detainees inside the company.
The fire caused panic, screaming and moments of terror in the escape of the artist Mervat Amin to the roof of the property, where she was among the residents of the property, and she rushed to the roof of the property after the fire broke out, but she was unharmed.

Official statements from the fire police stated that the property in which the fire broke out consists of 8 floors, and the fire lasted for about 30 minutes before the firefighters controlled the flames, and the Civil Protection Department in Giza was able to extinguish the fire, using a hydraulic ladder and 5 fire engines, as well as finishing from the cooling stage.

Despite Mervat Amin’s physical safety, those close to her confirmed that she is in a very bad psychological condition, and her daughter, Menna Hussein Fahmy, confirmed through more than one press statement that her mother suffers from great sadness that she cannot overcome after losing her closest friends, the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz and the artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, due to their injuries. In Corona, Mervat refused to photograph a number of works that she contracted, mourning the death of Dalal, who passed away on August 7, following the death of her husband, Samir Ghanem, who also had a strong friendship with Mervat Amin and a family relationship.


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