Mary Trump Speaks Out. Declares Marjorie Taylor Greene As The ‘Actual Speaker of the House’

Rashi Gautam
Rashi Gautam
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Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, asserts that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is not the most powerful Republican in Congress.

In a new interview this week, Mary Trump identified Georgian Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as the most potent House Republican. Greene, who last week began her second term in the House, gained national notoriety for her support of right-wing conspiracy theories and her right-wing policy stances.

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The Republican lawmaker has established herself as the face of the party’s conservative wing, giving her the ability to shape the conservative position on important issues. She has also established herself as a top enemy of Democrats, who frequently criticise her for her numerous controversial remarks.

Friday’s episode of The Mary Trump Show, the former president’s podcast, featured a discussion from the former president’s niece regarding Greene’s impact on the GOP. Mary Trump, a vocal opponent of the Republican Party, has made statements against her uncle, who held the office of president from 2017 to 2021, using her platform.

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Let’s face it, Mary Trump said,

“She is the speaker of the House. Has established herself as the most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives in just two years.”

During the discussion, Charlotte Clymer, a guest on her show, criticised the GOP for continuing to back Greene despite the fact that she had previously expressed support for conspiracies.

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In a previous Facebook post, Greene promoted an untrue and antisemitic conspiracy theory that claimed the wealthy Jewish Rothschild family made money from wildfires that were allegedly started by “lasers or blue beams of light” from space.

“It is the most antisemitic thing a sitting member of Congress has ever spoken, straight out of the Protocols of Elders of Zion. It’s absurd to me that she’s not only not in Congress but also entirely banned from all public gatherings “ Clymer remarked, alluding to Greene’s baseless assertion.

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