Man jumps from huge cliff in wingsuit and records his impressive fall

The fall is simply impressive, managing to scare anyone who suffers from acrophobia.

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UNITED STATES. – Few hobbies are as extreme as jumping from the bungee, parachuting, or perhaps even more risky, in a wingsuit, although that does not mean that it does not enjoy great popularity .

In the following video we can see two men in wingsuits, right on the edge of a huge cliff , from where you can even see the clouds , due to their imposing height.

Without thinking much about it, the first man throws himself, so that later his partner who was next to him, makes him second, recording everything with the GoPro that he carries in his helmet.

The fall is simply impressive, managing to scare anyone who suffers from acrophobia, but without a doubt, it also presents us with spectacular beauty, since we even see how they fly over the clouds.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by “Caters Clips”, who inform us that it is Alex Aimard , a 39-year-old man who has 19 years of “flying” experience.

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