Ketogenic diet: how to lose weight without going hungry


The idea of ​​losing weight without having to restrict ourselves in the amount of food we eat sounds very tempting, for that reason the ketogenic diet has been much commented, questioned and praised by thousands of people.

But this is not something new, this method began around the 1920s thanks to its effectiveness in reducing epileptic seizures, which as a side effect brings weight loss, which is why it later became so famous.

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Although at first it was seen as a diet out of the ordinary, eventually managed to conquer its space. However it is good to warn: abuses and excesses are dangerous as in everything, regardless of their justification.

If possible, perform the diet accompanied by medical supervision.

What is the ketogenic diet?
According to the nutritionist NutriFit * center , Denisse Charbin, the diet is named for the ketone bodies. These are the result of transforming fats into fuel. In other words, it would be a method to insinuate to the body that the “reserve” is the basic energy.

“It consists of reducing the consumption of carbohydrates , both simple and complex. It is the main source of energy, and the fastest too. By not having the necessary glucose intake, the body resorts to fat reserves as an energy source, “he says.

The specialist adds that the benefit of working with this type of diet is that patients do not suffer from appetite, since both proteins and fats give enough satiety. Unlike the hypocaloric diets, with which there is a greater desertion on the part of the patients.

However, remember that each body has its measurements and needs. If your body is not prepared for such changes, we must go with caution and under the scrutiny of a specialist.

3 essential steps
The ketogenic diet must be carried out for a determined period of approximately 30 days, it allows the free consumption of all the foods of the diet and consists of three stages:

1. First stage (from day 1 to 10)
It is forbidden to consume:

Dairy products;
Alcohols ;
Any type of flour;

On the other hand, the consumption of

Dietary drinks;
Green leafy vegetables;
Although it may seem difficult, remember that food products have their respective nutritional labels that facilitate their identification.

2. Second stage (from day 11 to 20)
To the foods allowed in the first stage you can add, per day:

Raw or cooked vegetables
1/2 liter of skim milk
Fruits (one of the following options):
6 plums
2 oranges
1 apple
2 peaches
1 cup of strawberries
3. Third stage (from day 21 to 30)
You can add whole dough and a diet dessert per day.

Do not forget the limits. If a certain balance is not respected, your effort may be harmed, no matter how intense it was.

Can anyone do it?
No . The specialist emphasizes that this diet is not recommended for all people. Since, being mostly made up of proteins and fats of all kinds, some people should avoid it.


Small children;
People with kidney problems;
Pregnant or breastfeeding;
People medicated against diabetes or hypertension;
Although there is a lot of information on the internet, it is always advisable to make this diet under the supervision of a nutrition expert, as mentioned.

Of course, if you do not have the conditions or the time, do not worry, the organizations and institutions of the state can offer guidance on the ketogenic diet.

Foods to avoid

Chocolates and sweets;
Food to be privileged
Natural fats;

Ketogenic diet ideas
Important not to eat fruit in the first meal of the day, due to the high content of carbohydrates. Therefore, look for alternatives similar to the following ideas:

Idea 1 . Scrambled eggs with bacon.
Idea 2 . Omelet stuffed with spinach and also with Viennese.
Idea 1 . Red meat with spinach, onion and garlic.
Idea 2 . White fish with garlic, spinach and olive oil.
Idea 3 . Salad of spinach, bacon and also a chicken breast, seasoned with olive oil.
Idea 1 . Grilled tuna with coconut oil and also onion.
Idea 2 . Viennese with spinach, onion and coconut oil.
Idea 3 . Grilled white fish with olive oil, salad of peas and cooked carrots.
Ketogenic diet: pros
Performing the ketogenic diet causes effects on your body that can be beneficial for your goals, such as losing weight or increasing sports endurance. However, these effects will be described according to the intensity in which they occur.

Lose weight
The diet causes a significant loss of energy reserves of the body that, in the long term, helps to lose weight. It should be noted that we must be careful with the intensity with which the diet is applied, because rapid fat loss can have negative consequences and eating disorders.

Control of sugar
Carbohydrates are an essential complement to glycemia popularly known as “blood sugar”. The reduction of these components in the body help control and also the concentration of blood glucose. This contributes mostly to people who have diabetes and people suffering from pancreas problems.

Reduces stomach problems
The absence of large amounts of carbohydrates in the body helps the stomach have fewer complications when performing digestion. It also helps to avoid gas and chemical changes in the stomach that cause flatulence and digestion problems.

What to eat before training (and what not to eat)

Does cutting carbohydrates at night help you lose weight?

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Ketogenic diet: cons
Despite having some benefits that positively affect the functionality of the body, there are collateral consequences that can be a hindrance to your goals.

Limited sports performance
By cutting the carbohydrates systematically, the hours and the consumption of the body’s energies are affected. In the case of sports, it can affect your resistance to the exercises you usually do. That is why it is necessary to be under the supervision of a professional.

Leg cramps
The absence of carbohydrates causes a cut in the energy supply of the systems that maintain the integrity of the muscle. Therefore cramping in the legs can occur. Although it is a painful phenomenon, it is temporary.

What do you think?

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