Justin Trudeau wins for third time; Life of Canadian Prime Minister since childhood

This time, however, Trudeau’s majority was helped by a lackluster election campaign and a change in voter turnout following the Covid

justin trudeau
justin trudeau

Justin Trudeau becomes Canada’s Prime Minister for the third time. But this time Trudeau came to power with an absolute majority. We know about Justin Trudeau’s personal and political life.

Justin Trudeau or Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971 in Ontario, Canada. Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau became Canada’s first prime minister in 2015. Justin Trudeau is the son of four-time Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.


The birth of Justin Trudeau on Christmas night was big news in Canada at the time. But when Trudeau was six, his parents divorced, and Trudeau’s mother was the daughter of Margaret Liberal MP James Sinclair. Margaret was 29 years younger than her husband. There were some rumors circulating at the time that Margaret was in love with rock stars and other celebrities. Following the divorce, Trudeau and his two younger brothers were raised by their father alone. He also led his country for 15 years (1968-79; 1980-84).


Justin Trudeau attended the Jean-de-Brebuff College, the same private French Jesuit school in Montreal where his father attended. He holds a BA in English (1994) from Trudeau McGill University. He then worked as a Snowboard Instructor while graduating with a B.Ed (1998) from the University of British Columbia. He then taught French in high school in Vancouver and mathematics in primary school. In 2000, at the age of 28, his speech at his father’s funeral brought him back to national attention.

After returning to Quebec in 2002, Trudeau began studying engineering at the University of Montreal. In the meantime, he worked at a radio station in Montreal. He also covered the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens as part of his work. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Katimavik (2002-06), a national youth voluntary organization founded by his father in 1977.

Death of father

After a speech at Trudeau’s father’s memorial service, Canadian Prime Minister Jean-Croatian announced that he had a place in the Liberal Party. In 2008, he represented Trudeau Papino and won. In 2011, Trudeau was re-elected amid problems among the Liberals. He has served as a party spokesman for youth, multiculturalism, citizenship, immigration, and amateur sports.

Between 2015

and later Trudeau won 184 seats in the 2015 general election the Conservative parttiykketire Liberals 338 seats. Trudeau became Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, leading the election. It was the second-best performance in the history of the party. He continued to win the 2019 elections.

This time, however, Trudeau’s majority was marred by a lackluster election campaign and a change in voter turnout following the Covid

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