Jacquemus launches first men’s line with parade in southern France

Jacquemus launches first mens line with parade in southern France
Jacquemus launches first mens line with parade in southern France

Known in the fashion world as the designer of simple traits and big dreams and who projects the south of France – his homeland – in all his parades, Jacquemus has just launched his first men’s line since it began in 2009.

Simon Porte Jacquemus had already announced plans to launch his line for men: with his characteristic nuance, he appeared at the end of the 2018 Winter Women’s Parade wearing a sweater that read “L’homme Jacquemus”.

The difference between the sexes in Simon Porte’s world is not just on the runways: with prices estimated to be half of what it charges on its women’s line, the new collection must have pieces starting at $ 200. “There’s a lot of me. There are no parts that I would not use. Even the price is affordable. I needed to offer t-shirts more in mind, “said in an interview with i-D Vice,

The al fresco parade, parallel to the official calendar, took place in Calanque de Sormiou, a paradisiacal town in Marseille. Over there, Simon baptized his collection of “Le Gadjo”, in his words a celebration to the clichés boys of the south of France. jacquemus-men-4

Pieces common to the men’s wardrobe have earned the Jacquemus touch: earthy colors, broader proportions and the elegant simplicity characteristic of the designer. Chosen by hand, the casting was all made up of local men: “I tried to have a more Mediterranean casting because my fashion is very influenced by him,” he explained in the interview.

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