‘Never Seen a Blast Like This’: Three Dead, Four Injured in Bengaluru Explosion, Tremors Felt

Bloreblast Ani
Pic courtesy: ANI

On Thursday afternoon, an explosion at a firework storage facility in Bengaluru’s New Tharagupet neighbourhood killed at least three persons and badly injured four more. The event occurred in Chamarajapete’s Ryan Circle, which is inside the Vivipuram police jurisdiction.

“Two people were murdered and three others were injured early today in a blast at a firework storage facility in Bengaluru,” DCP (South) Harish Pandey told news agency ANI. Firefighters responded to the scene to extinguish the blaze.

Several media accounts, however, reported that the bomb occurred in a transport godown adjacent to a puncture shop, killing at least three persons. Additionally, the official confirmed that the explosion occurred as a result of a ‘unstable chemical’ that was part of an industrial consignment. “The cause of the explosion is under investigation. It was not a cylinder explosion, a cracker explosion, or a short circuit explosion. Additionally, there were no compressors,” Pandey was quoted as saying by PTI.

Manohar (29), a Tamil Nadu native, Aslam (45), and Fayaz (50). The police and fire departments believe a large quantity of firecrackers were placed inside the warehouse before it took fire. However, sources indicate that the warehouse’s owner, Mr Babu, is on the run.

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