If this rate continues, January is going to be the most hazardous of all in the us

As all over the world, US were also struck heavily by the corona virus pandemic. Cases reached in millions in a short span of time. 2 million cases were registered in about 90 days.

If this rate continues January is going to be the most hazardous of all in the us
If this rate continues January is going to be the most hazardous of all in the us

But 2021 is proving to be much destructive in the US. According to the John Hopkins University, the no. has crossed 2.2 million in a shocking interval of just 10 days and still new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are being reported.

“Situation is really adverse and serious” said Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health.

We are working towards reducing the effect of the virus. Masks must be made mandatory. we request people to co-operate and follow the safety guidelines. People need to stay at home and avoid even indoor gatherings.

According to the officials, many Americans violated or ignored the seriousness of the disease by spending holidays with friends and family in gatherings. Therefore the consequences are hazardous which can be seen in packed hospitals all across the country.

Fatal increment in cases

Based on the data of John Hopkins University, 27000 Covid-19 deaths have been reported in just 10 days.

Till now December 2020 had the highest record of deaths, which was about 77,431 but with this rate in January 2021, it could possibly reach the highest than ever before.

Data from John Hopkins had revealed 3,655 deaths and about 269,623 new infections on Saturday due to Covid-19.

The crisis is going to be the worst in regions of Arizona, said Joe K. Gerald, associate professor at the University of Arizona’s Zuckerman College of Public Health.

“We should expect to set new records for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths over the coming weeks. Policy action is urgently needed to mitigate the worst possible outcome,” Gerald wrote.

He also expressed concern about “the inevitable arrival of the more highly transmissible” strain of corona virus that was first detected in the United Kingdom and has spread to at least eight US states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

If the virus strengthens, it would last much longer and affect Arizona much deeply which would be deadly for Arizona, said Gerald.

Thursday was the first day the US reported more than 4,000 new Covid-19 deaths in a single day.

Numbers are expected to rise much more and situation could be even worse in hospitals.

According to the Covid-19 Tracking Project there were 129,229 Covid-19 patients in the US hospitals which is the sixth highest recorded figure. Back on Sunday, it was the 40th day when Covid-19 hospitalizations remained above 100,000.

The recent riot at the US Capitol at the US Capitol would be a significant event in the spreading of the virus across the country, said the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The individuals at the Capitol were largely unmasked in a non-distanced fashion”, Dr. Robert Redfield told the McClatchy newspaper group.

“After the riot all the individuals went back home in cars, planes and trains all across the country”.

CNN medical analyst and emergency physician Dr. Leana Wen told CNN’s Ana Cabrera Sunday, that “the individuals involved in the riots might also not follow the guidelines back at their home communities since they not used masks in riots even.”

“And its much obvious that they might be engaged in risky activities and spreading corona virus across the country”, she said. “I hope that everyone involved there would go back home and quarantine and get tested.”

It’s one of the most difficult times

“As people gathered in the holidays, there is a significant increase in the rise of cases and positivity of patients”, said the Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky state.

“The rush in cases now is at least twice the surges in previous time and the seriousness is even much more”, said the Governor this Friday. “Its one of the most difficult times”.

Hospitals in Texas are almost full as the numbers of hospitalizations are continuously increasing and its been more than a week till now. At least 13,935 patients were hospitalized in the state, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Conditions are even worse in Florida, as patients are increasing day by day. A month ago on about 12th  Dec. the AHCA reported 4,343 hospitalizations and today the number has increased by 3,000 to about 7,497 Covid-19 patients, which was reported by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

And California set two new records Saturday — the most deaths reported in one day, 695, and the most Covid-19 patients in intensive care units — 4,939. On Sunday, the state reported nearly 50,000 new cases and 468 deaths.

“The rates of Covid-19 deaths and cases are accelerating in such a way that it reflects the devastating spread of the virus across the county”, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said.

“Avoiding unnecessary gatherings and involvement in activities is the best way to stay protected and decrease the rate of spread of the virus”, she said.

“Absolutely this is no time to visit a friends place and watch a basketball or football match together”.

Biden team steps forward with a plan to pace up vaccine rollout

Meanwhile, the nation’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout “is absolutely not working as intended,” said Dr. Megan Ranney, a CNN medical analyst and an emergency physician.

Demands for vaccines are increasing. “We have three times as many doses that have been distributed to states as have actually gotten in arms,” she said. “Something new must be tried now”.

President-elect Joe Biden will aim to release nearly all available doses of Covid-19 vaccines in an effort to quickly ramp up the US vaccine rollout, a spokesman for his transition team said.

But there is a high risk factor as the vaccines by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are only effective after 2 dozes and that also to 95%. Also the rate of manufacturing vaccines has not paced as expected by experts.

The plan is a break from the strategy of the Trump administration, which has held back doses of the vaccines to ensure that second doses are available.

Dr. Celine Gounder, a member of Biden’s Corona virus advisory board, told CNN Saturday the new plan aims to “get doses out as quickly as possible” and simplify distribution.

It is recommended by the officials that there must not be any delay in receiving the second dose. She said that the 2nd dose must be taken 21 days after the 1st dose of Pfizer’s vaccine and 28 days after the 1st dose of Moderna vaccine.

“Everything is running smoothly and till now there has not been any glitches in the manufacturing of vaccines and hopefully vaccines would be available till people return for their 2nd dose, said Gounder”.

Ranney said she believed the plan “makes sense,” saying the US needed to “rethink how we take the doses we have and get them out into peoples’ arms.”

“Time is absolutely crucial” she said. But she too focussed and advised people to follow the 2 dose vaccine plan as it is effective and is approved by the FDA.

When asked about the plan, Wen said that she has always and would keep supporting any effort made to speed up the vaccination but “we must also focus on where the bottleneck is”.

“Currently the issue is not of more demand and less supply, its about the reaching of vaccines in people’s hands from the distribution sites. Even if we have adequate supply, that’s not solving the main problem”, she said

Wen also promised of a 2nd dose to everyone who has received the 1st dose since the same way the clinical trials were conducted.

“We would always have to keep vaccines in reserve for people who come to receive their 2nd dose, as if vaccines aren’t available then it would cause scarcity and people would stop relying on them”, Wen said.

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