Hospital occupancy due to Covid-19 in CDMX rises to 31%: Claudia Sheinbaum

There are 42 more deaths due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a figure that is part of the total of 45 thousand 437 deaths that occurred in the 16 districts of Mexico City

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The Head of Government of Mexico City , Claudia Sheinbaum , reported that hospital occupancy in the capital by Covid-19 patients remains at 31%, a percentage that has increased due to infections registered between June and July 2021.

The capital president added that until Monday, July 26, the number of occupied general beds was 1,784, that is, 35 more spaces than those registered on the 25th of the same month.

Meanwhile, the number of beds with a fan occupied in CDMX was 675, that is, one space less than the balance of two days ago.

As for the accumulated number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, 760,440 were listed, a record that represents an increase of 1,757 in the last balance.

Regarding deaths due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus , 42 more deaths were registered, making up a total of 45 thousand 437 deaths in the capital.

Don’t let your guard down, insists Sheinbaum
Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo stressed that during the past week in which there was a stabilization in hospitalizations, so next week the same activities of the ‘Reactivate without Risking’ program will be maintained.

Given this, the doctor considered that it is necessary to maintain sanitary measures to avoid a rebound in hospital admissions.

“We believe that we have to be cautious and, at the same time, the call to citizens is not to lower our guard, we are positive in the sense that there are vaccines, that older adults are being vaccinated, but that does not mean that we are lowering the guard, “he said.

The local president pointed out that in the capital there are enough beds in hospitals.

I ask that we not stop taking care of ourselves: 1. No parties or gatherings; 2. No closed places without ventilation; 3. Healthy distance; 4. Hand washing; 5. Face shield; 6. If you have symptoms, get tested. The # Covid19 does not go on vacation. Let’s continue without lowering our guard, “Sheinbaum Pardo emphasized.

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