General Staff Russia – pulls troops to the border of Ukraine

Russian troops are completing the redeployment of units and equipment to the eastern operational zone.

General Staff Russia Pulls Troops To The Border Of Ukraine
General Staff Russia pulls troops to the border of Ukraine

The Russian army is trying to complete the regrouping and movement of units to the areas of concentration in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions, as well as the relocation of the aviation of the aerospace forces to airfields that are in close proximity to the eastern borders of Ukraine. This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the morning report on April 12.

It is emphasized that disregarding the norms of International Humanitarian Law, Russian troops continue to use the tactics of deploying equipment and manpower directly in residential areas.

“Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, the occupiers use the premises of agricultural enterprises, energy and social infrastructure facilities, and the central regions of settlements. There have been cases of enemy combat operations in civilian clothes,” the Ukrainian military leadership said.

In the Volyn and Polesye directions, the enemy did not take active actions.

In the Seversk direction, Russian troops are completing their redeployment to the eastern operational zone. The movement of units of the 41st combined arms army of the Central Military District to certain areas in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions is underway.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy continues to partially block the city of Kharkiv, conducts military operations in the area of ​​​​the city of Izyum, and conducts aerial reconnaissance.

In the Donetsk and Tauride directions, the Russian army is conducting combat operations, holding certain lines, and also moving additional units to conduct combat operations.

“Signs of strengthening the air defense system in the areas of the settlements of Melitopol and Ilovaisk have been identified. Probably, in the future, the enemy will try to take control of the city of Mariupol, capture Popasna and conduct an offensive in Kurakhovo in order to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk region,” the General Staff said.

In the Yuzhnobuzhsky direction, the enemy holds certain lines, replenishes regular losses in manpower and equipment, and also does not leave attempts to gain a foothold on the administrative borders of the Kherson region.

In the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, enemy naval groupings continue to carry out tasks to isolate the area of ​​combat operations, reconnaissance, and fire support for ground units.

“The threat of the use of missile weapons by the enemy remains,” the military leadership specified.

On the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions over the past day, six enemy attacks were repulsed, four tanks, five armored units, 26 vehicles, and eight enemy artillery systems were destroyed.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit seven air targets over the previous day: one aircraft, two helicopters, and four unmanned aerial vehicles.

Recall that on April 11, the Russian Federation lost 19,500 soldiers in Ukraine, as well as 725 tanks, 154 aircraft, and 137 helicopters.

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